Islam Kills & Maims Australians

Jessica Nairn, ABC via ROP

Isa Islam  leaves his Australian neighbor quadriplegic:

A street preacher who stabbed his former neighbour in a north Canberra takeaway shop leaving him a quadriplegic has been sentenced to nine years jail.

Isa Islam had a long-running conflict with Andrew Dyer who lived in his public housing block at Ainslie Village, and had complained of him stealing his property.

On a Saturday morning in July 2009, Islam had preached outside the Ainslie Shops, then waited for the man to start work at an Ainslie takeaway store. Soon after he arrived, Islam stabbed the man with a paring knife, smashed his head to the ground, and stomped on his head.

Mr Dyer suffered a stab wound to his spinal cord and is now a quadriplegic. Islam was acquitted of attempted murder but was convicted of intentionally inflicting grievous bodily harm.

Acting Justice Jane Mathews sentenced the 38-year-old to nine years jail with a non-parole period of four years and six months.  Islam has been in custody since the attack and will be eligible for release in 2014.

Hero Digger dead on darkest day

Australia has suffered one of its costliest days of the Afghan war with one commando killed and another five Diggers wounded in a series of violent skirmishes with insurgents.

A decorated and highly regarded special forces soldier, Sgt Brett Wood, 32, died after he was caught in the blast of an improvised bomb while on an operation against Taliban fighters yesterday.

The explosion wounded two other soldiers. One has life-threatening injuries and the other was seriously injured. Just hours earlier, another three Diggers were wounded in a separate firefight with insurgents in another area.

Sgt Wood is the 24th Australian soldier to die in action in Afghanistan since 2001. (source)

Other news:

Murder in Bankstown:

A MAN was fatally stabbed and another seriously injured during a brawl on a rail platform tonight. Another man, aged in his early 20s, was taken to Liverpool Hospital with stab wounds to his head, face, chest and legs.

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  1. Remember Isa Islam – he will be released in two years. Do you want this creep on the streets. Write to you member for parliament if you do not.

  2. The police have closed the bankstown railway station for an indefinate time due to a fatal stabbing and the stabbing of two others. Bankstown is little Iran for those who dont live in australia. This happened today 25/5/11

  3. 4 1/2 years for leaving a man broken and quadraplegic! Sounds like England’s stupid liberal courts. That is not justice.

  4. Gerald,
    Last Christmas a muslim did a similar act in Germany. murdering a father of two children because the lazy muslim turd was asked to help clean snow from a shared driveway. If you have a muslim for a neighbour make sure you have a high fence and a good dog, and that you are able to kill to defend yourself against homicidal attack. Many muslims have no place is a civilised society, and when they step out of line they should be terminated. They should not be given a second chance. The two children who were orphaned by the actions of a vile moronic muslim will not get a second chance at normal family life – why ever should the muslim murderer get a second chance at life???

  5. To kaw,
    Why in God’s name did the non-Muslim world ever allow these koranimals into their countries. Those responsible, the politicians, clergymen and leftards must be put on trial as traitors to their fellow citizens and the severest penalty imposed on them.

  6. * Why in God’s name did the non-Muslim world ever allow these koranimals …

    Not a criticism, Gerald – merely an observation that we have been divided into muslim and non-muslim (dhimmi) – a division reinforced by both the “moderates” and the “extremists” (misunderstanders), aided by the press & popular usage.

    Your second point concerning the (enablers) – they will be destroyed by the monster they have nurtured and slept with, when they have outlived their usefulness (in general terms).

  7. Four and a half years, that is tantamount to a criminal act in itself, Islam should have got 25 years and may I suggest we right to our political Muhammadite loving slave masters and suggest the judge is given 10…………..

  8. To Mullah Lodabullah,
    I agree with you. I have never liked using the word non-Muslim because it gives the impression that Islam is the standard against which all the rest of humanity is measured. Personally I prefer the terms koranimals for Muslims and Humanity for all the rest of us. Perhaps we should have a friendly competition to see who can coin the best terminology.

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