Morals at The Age & the Sydney Moonbat Herald?

Weak Morals:

Dirty Tricks

Jooliar funds Islamic terrorism (IM)

In Tuesday night’s budget, it was announced that “Australian aid to the “Palestinian territories and Palestinian refugees” in surrounding regions will double to around $70 million per annum by 2012-13″. (source)

Islam + Socialism = Dying in a Ditch

The two greatest threats to liberty are socialism and Islam. Here’s what you get when you put the two together:

Via & Moonbattery:

The newspaper Asr-e Iran reported that passersby spotted two patients in a field outside of Tehran. The two patients were hospitalized in the state funded Khomeini Hospital. Despite being public and allegedly free, they were loaded in an ambulance and dropped in a field for not having the money to pay the bills.

Funny you never see that happening in cold-hearted capitalist America. All comers are treated, even those in the country illegally who regard emergency rooms as free family doctor offices.

Meanwhile, Iran is providing free healthcare in Lebanon through Hezbollah, to help it win over the population. Once control is absolute, sick Lebanese will join Iranians by the roadside.

There’s a lesson here for Americans. It will be driven home after ObamaCare eventually results in total government control of the healthcare system as planned.


5 thoughts on “Morals?”

  1. A French TV team visited Asia Bibi’s family and neighbors in Pakistan
    Gives a good insight into the case, and the everyday life of Christians in Pakistan.

    At the end of the video a local imam admits that it’s a problem that there are still Christians in his area. So he assures that he’s seriously thinking about his responsibilties in this respect, and will think about making sure that something is done to convert the remaining non-muslims.–12-mai-2011-3410.html
    Video needs subtitling in English

  2. * The dingo miked my baby (Bolt)

    The “refugee advocate” Kate Gauthier who accompanied 60 Minutes with baby …

    [The atmosphere of repression started long before we arrived at Curtin. ]

    [On the morning of the visit our permission was revoked for the good order and security of the centre – because we had chosen to associate with the freedom bus activists, we were considered a security risk. So they denied us because we travelled in the same vehicle as people who had not actually yet been found guilty of any offence. Of course secretly I am offended they did not consider me a security risk in my own right. ]

  3. Taxpayers should not have to support with their $$$ the ABC’s biased reporting…its reason for existing in the first place was as a news channel, but now its more like a propaganda arm of the government, and it’s ridiculous out of date multi culti agenda and its pro islam, pro greenie , pro illegal immigrant, pro carbon tax BS!! i’ve had enough!! Julia has to GO!

  4. To aussiegirl…

    Snap! I grew up watching Four Corners – now I don’t bother to see what they (or the BBC) are serving up. Apart from Doctor Who & some classic late night movies they have little worth watching now.

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