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Gone Depp

Moonbat Revisionism Targets Lone Ranger

Like Ward Churchill, Depp claims to be an Indian himself:  The Lone Ranger project would allow Hollyweird yet another opportunity to insult its audience and grind its repugnant ideology in our faces. (Moonbattery)

Thanks to Mullah:

I guess it is sufficient to accuse someone of being “anti-islam” to have them barred from speaking:

Why is National Arts Centre hosting Dutch MP accused of being anti-Islam?

The weird world of Globe & Mail:

The federally-funded National Arts Centre was surprised to learn it was hosting a talk by a Dutch politician (Geert Wilders)  facing charges of inciting hatred for making anti-Islamic statements in his own country.

Gallowswine cool, Wilders bad: support Geert Wilders

California Balks at Public Display of American Flag,- It’s an impermissible “public expression.”

The black flag of Islam and the red hammer & sickel flag of the Chicoms is fine….

Interesting times: The claim is made that American citizens can be compelled to buy federally approved health insurance under penalty of law, while simultaneously being prohibited — at least in California — from hanging an American flag at the entrance to their town. It’s hard to know which of these two acts would have shocked the Founders more.

Britain Defines Belief in Government Propaganda as a Religious Faith

The moonbats dismantling Britain continue to push the envelope of absurdity ever farther beyond the limits of any normal person’s imagination. Now they have ruled that support for coercively financed, government-controlled news media is a religious faith comparable to Christianity:

Rules to prevent religious discrimination can now also be used to protect a belief in the BBC’s ethos of public service broadcasting, a tribunal has ruled.  (Moonbattery)

Religionserziehung (Religious Indoctrination) from Germany’s Muppets:

Schmitt & Scholly, be gone!