Obumbler's Last Stand

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Obama’s Body Language Screams Hatred

Jeremiah Wright taught his pupil well. Barack Hussein Obama hates Israel so intensely that appearing with its defender Benjamin Netanyahu nearly made his microcephalic head explode.Tonya Reiman provides body language analysis.

Any Jew who votes for the Manchurian Moonbat twice has betrayed his people. But then, the same goes for any American.

White T-shirts are ‘racist’

“America is a dying, terrorist country”

Now Chocolate Is Racist

Anyone who thought that electing someone president mainly on the basis of being part black would end the constant caterwauling from perpetually aggrieved persons of politically correct lineage was sorely mistaken. Even a zillionaire socialist supermodel like Naomi Campbell can still fall prey to racist chocolate:

Cadbury can thank Ms. Campbell for confirming that she really is a prima donna. We can thank Cadbury for not issuing the standard obsequious apology.

If we keep moving, they’ll keep pushing. There is literally nothing too absurd for grievance mongers to refrain from being offended over as a means of bullying the rest of us.

Now Chocolate Is Racist (Moonbattery)

3 thoughts on “Obumbler's Last Stand”

  1. The funny thing about Obama is he’ll go down in history more hated in America than Richard Nixon and I never thought that would be possible.

  2. History will forgive Nixon for spying on the left. He was far better than his reputation!

    And McCarthy was right too: commie infiltration and subversion in the U.S. is far worse than anyone could have imagined…

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