Sultan Knish: The Greatest Threat of Our Time

Failed State Colonization – The Greatest Threat of Our Time

Look at a map of the world, and what you see are successful states and failed states. This is a map that transcends ethnicity and race. It is not dependent on resources or the starting level of technology. It’s not even dependent on wealth, or its level of distribution, Gulf petro-states with small populations can have rich subsidized per capita incomes, but they are still failed states dependent on a single resource and a vast army of foreign workers.

It was thought once that success would spread from the successful states to the failed states. That it was only a matter of passing along certain techniques, educating their leaders in modern universities and starting them off with some World Bank loans. But instead the reverse has happened. Rather than failed states becoming successful under the influence of successful states, successful states are failing under the influence of failed states.

Migration from failed states to successful states is leading the way to utter ruin. The Pakistanization of Europe and the Mexicanization of America are two examples of the phenomenon. But there are others. Cote d’Ivorie, one of the more prosperous African countries, has been taken over by Muslim migrant workers, with the armed backing of the UN. What happened resembled events in South Africa, but this time both sides were black. The difference was not racial, but religious. It is another example of an ongoing phenomenon. Failed State Colonization.

Failed State Colonization is the greatest threat of our time.

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  2. @antimuslim,
    Everyone in Australia should request the free copy of koran and then burn it. Just to remind them that their claims about Jesus are preposterious.

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  4. Muslims are actually quite amusing in their utter ignorance and lack of logic. Do these fools actually think about what they are saying? They seem completely oblivious to the contradiction in their so called beliefs – belief in a murdering paedophile warlord being a prophet of a god. Hilarious. Utterly hilarious. Muhammed was nothing more than a bloodthirsty psychopath. Not a prophet – just a very naughty boy.

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