Terry Jones in Dearbornistan

‘Anti-Hate’ Protesters Shower Jones with Abuse, Bottles – Police Check Attack Attempt…

America’s Sharia-Compliant Enclave (Andrew Bostom via TROP)

Dearborn, Michigan offers more Islam (and fewer Constitutional rights).

Nothing is what it seems:

A live audio-video report from yesterday’s protest reveals that HUNDREDS, not “50” Dearborn Muslim protesters confronted Jones. Watch here.

Terry Jones “provokes Muslims”

Of course. Any opposition to Islam provokes  armies of rageboys, especially in the dar-ul harb, behind what they perceive to be, enemy lines. Resisting Islam causes jihad, for which the kafirs are responsible.

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Cleric: Horror Movies Could Turn Muslims into Polytheists… (and eating pork makes you homosexual….)

Generous Muslims:

One thought on “Terry Jones in Dearbornistan”

  1. Pastor Terry Jones has received over 400 international and domestic death threats recently. A main Pakistani Terrorist group (Jamaat-ud-Dahwah) has placed a bounty of $2.4 MILLION, for the death of Pastor Terry Jones by a Muslim.
    Since all these activities is due to Mohammed’s words, the Koran, Hadiths and Surahs and are used by Imams and Mullahs to agitate genetically flawed and illiterate Isamists, hence:
    The Guardians of Democracy Committee have have felt the need to mark Five (5) Mullahs and Imams for Impure Deaths Worldwide, if Pastor Terry Jones is harmed. In the future any Terrorist actions by Jihadists, will result in the same punishment.
    Leftists assisting muslims will be equally punished.

    Sign the “Ban Islam” petition at: http://www.petitiononline.com/MYSTIC/petition.html



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