Terror For Rent

Germany’s Left Wants to Recruit Islamic Headbangers as Stormtroopers to Terrorize the Population….

Simply more proof that today’s left are yesterdays Nazis sailing under false flag:

In Berlin the police has collected evidence that the hard left is trying to  enlist  Arab migrants for their annual terrorist run on the 1st of May.

The Senator of the Interiors (interior Minister) of the capital, Erhard Körting  despairs:  he is longing for thunderstorms and lighting for the 1st of May. But that will not come…

Here in German:

In Berlin hat die Polizei Hinweise, dass die Linken arabische Migranten für ihren Terror zum 1. Mai anwerben. Der Innensenator der Hauptstadt, Ehrhart Körting ist mittlerweile so verzweifelt, dass er sich „einen Platzregen“ rund um den 1. Mai wünscht.

Doch der wird nicht kommen…[mehr]

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  1. I can’t be the only one who notices something about the left and the peace lovers.

    Just about everything violent they do happens in nations and areas where citizens are not allowed to be armed and/or defend themselves.

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