The greatest challenge of our time: Islamophobia

“It’s racism and bias because of our religion and appearance…”

Racism? Masudur Rahman and Mohamed Zaghloul were removed from a flight to North Carolina because the pilot did not want to fly with them  (Read more @ Dailymail)

A sequence of events:

  1. Muslims Kicked Off Delta Flight After Pilot Won’t Fly With Them on Board US
  2. Imams en route to conference on “Islamophobia” pulled off plane, compare selves to Rosa Parks
  3. Meet the Memphis Muzz Kicked Off Delta Flight
  4. Update: Memphis Muslims Haven’t Decided About Lawsuit in Delta Plane Incident

Final outcome:

FBI, DOJ, DHS assure Muslim leaders they’re exempt from scrutiny

Detroit — Arab-American and Muslim leaders said they received assurances today from federal law enforcement officials that added security in the wake of the death of Osama bin Laden wouldn’t result in profiling. (You couldn’t make it up)

That’s right after  globull worming, of course:

Iran urges UN to act against “Islamophobia” in the West

Robert Spencer:

This is, as I’ve explained here many, many times, an attempt to impose Sharia restrictions on the freedom of speech upon the West. If Ale-Habib really wants to stamp out “Islamophobia,” he needs to stamp out Islamic jihad terrorism, Islamic supremacism, stealth jihad creeping Sharia initiatives, and the like, and “Islamophobia” will disappear. He probably knows this, and yet he retails this victimhood narrative — which in itself indicates what his real agenda really is: the stifling of all criticism of Islam in the West, including all accurate reporting about how jihadists use Islamic texts and teachings to justify violence. That in turn will pave the way for the unimpeded advance of Sharia in the West.

“Iran Urges UN Action against Spread of Islamophobia in West,” from the Fars News Agency, April 29:

TEHRAN (FNA)- A senior Iranian diplomat lashed out at growing trend of insults to Islam in the West, and called on the United Nations to take proper measures to confront the spread of Islamophobia in the western societies.Iran’s Deputy Ambassador to the United Nations Eshaq Ale-Habib called on the UN and its Committee on Information to take practical steps to promote “religious tolerance” and to counter the growing Islamophobic trend in the West, and to stop the desecration of Islam.

Ale-Habib also condemned the recent act of burning Islam’s holy book, the Quran, by an extremist US pastor, and said the incident runs counter to the UN’s efforts to promote “religious tolerance and mutual respect between religions and cultures.”

He further slammed Western media for their bias against developing countries as well as their monopolistic control over global information and communications technology.

“This is unfortunate that, by using their modern and exclusive communications technology, some developed countries are constantly distorting the realities and fabricating events… especially with regard to developing countries,” Ale-Habib told the UN’s Committee on Information on Thursday.

“Developing countries have been hindered by the unfair… duplicitous and exclusive approach of the [Western] media,” he added.

The Iranian diplomat urged the international community to promote “fair” media coverage of world events and called for essential steps to promote equal access to information and communications technology.

“We encourage the UN’s information department to play an effective role in establishing a new order of information and global communications based on the free and balanced flow of information,” Ale-Habib noted.


10 thoughts on “The greatest challenge of our time: Islamophobia”

  1. The extreme Muslims are certainly painting the so-called moderates into a corner. While ‘ole bin bag’ was enjoying re-runs of his rants on a poxy little tv in his million dollar safe shithouse. The ignorant underlings and assorted desparates are blowing up other Muslims and innocent westerners. Get the images out there, we must win the war of truth, not the proaganda war that is being run by the Islamists, mainly for their own followers consumption.

  2. Agreed Watching!! Sheik, we have has several posts here from islamists posing as Westerners. I would be very appreciative if these suspect posts can have their ips openly listed. In my estimation, since the termination of OBL, these posts seem to be increasing.

  3. Perhaps what we need are muslim only flights. This will prevent the umma coming into contact with the unclean kuffar. We can also get rid of the TSA in the process.

    Sounds like a win-win to me.

  4. I would like to see a politician say publicly:

    We realise that islamophobia is a manifestation of the resistance of free people to a fascistic take over bid and I should like to see much more of it here in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

  5. I might even put it on my T-Shirt:

    a manifestation of the resistance of free people
    to a fascistic take over bid

  6. What a mob of hypocritical whiners muslims are, and of all things charges of ISLAMOPHOBIA coming from Iran!!!
    A country that VILIFIES the West and threatens its destruction! that calls America THE GREAT SATAN!! Iran has the audacity to accuse the West of ISLAMOPHOBIA whilst it and its Arab counterparts of the OIC indulge in rampant INFIDELPHOBIA against all non muslims nations!!!
    The West must bring charges to the UN of muslim INFIDELPHOBIA against them…Tit for Tat, I say!!! muslims are total hatefilled hypocrites!

  7. @aussirgirl: if you think every should be smiling at U.S and calling them our bestfriend then uve been alseep too long there is a good reason for anyone to dislike them and call them satan worshipers.

  8. Muslimgirlinvader: If you think everyone should be smiling at muslims and calling them our best friend then you’ve been asleep too long, there is a good reason for anyone to dislike them and call them barbaric heathens.

    Another comment from a slave to allah with not a shred substance to it. You’ve had ten years to rectify the image islam presents, the death of your idol Osama has unveiled the true intent of the religion of submission…

  9. * muslimgirlaustralia

    Take heed that allah and its false prophet do not deceive you:

    “Who is the liar but he who denies that Jesus is the Christ? This is the Antichrist, he who denies the Father and the Son.” (1 John 2:22)

    allah denies that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, and denies the crucifixion. allah is antichrist, and will be dealt with, along with its followers, unless they change their minds.

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