The Yuman Rites Racket

Mark Steyn comments on the re-instated Michael Savage/UK ban:

How many homosexual friends do you need to get past Heathrow?

From eye on the world:  Human rights is a joke in the UK

Today a serial burglar who was jailed for burglary and driving a getaway car into a police car was released from prison because apparently his human rights were breached because his sentence didn’t take into account his 6 children.

Also it has been revealed that a Mugabe thug who tortured people for a living (pulling teeth out with pliers, electrocuting white people, whipping others) has been granted asylum in the Uk, because,(And I quote because ) his human rights may be at risk if he is deported back to Zimbabwe.

Liberal do-gooders  are  wrecking the country at 300 miles per hour…..



Our system finds most boat arrivals are not refugees.

Why does this not receive more media attention? Is it not a story that more than half the boatpeople, on latest figures, are not refugees? Among Iranians the present approval rate is 22 per cent. The story, again, is that genuine refugees from Iran are being followed by economic migrants. The detention centre troubles at Christmas Island and Villawood heavily involved Iranians who had been rejected as refugees. Andrew Bolt:  We’ve been mugs for longer than this

Does Helen Szoke understand anything at all about what discrimination means?

How come we cannot send militant Muslims back from whence they came?

[KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia was re-elected to the United Nations Human Rights Council (HRC) after the UN General Assembly elected 14 new members to replace the outgoing members of the HRC.]

If Malaysia has a seat on the United Nations Human Rights Council, then why are Malaysia’s ‘yuman rites’ not good enough for them?