Totally Gaga…

Beyond crazyness:

Hamas ‘Freedom Fighters’

Spitting Sowdee:

HATE:  “Americans Push Us Around”back off kafirs, can’t do that with ‘the best of peoples…’

Debbie Schlussel: I’ve written ad nauseam about the mistake of continuing to increase and expand the number of Saudi-sponsored Muslim student visas. They hate America and Americans and many of them engage in serious violent crimes, terrorist dry runs or actual planned terrorist attacks. The latest is the “lovely” Nuha Mohammed Al-Doaifi, who spit on a woman who helped her at Walmart and on one of her professors. She is a Saudi Arabian national, a Muslima, and here on a student visa that should no longer be valid, since her academic program here is over.

Obama Regime Knows Who the Enemy is:

“Why do I have to be treated like a terrorist?”

PC in the workplace:

Squatting rent-free in your kids heads:

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  1. * Squatting rent-free in your kids heads:

    Having trouble deciding which false god to bow down to – allah or gaia?

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