Beck was on fire today:

When the government bailed GM out with 49.5 billion dollars of your money, most of us knew that wouldn’t work out too well. Government and business just don’t mix well together. We knew they would eventually do something stupid like waste a lot of that money on a $50,000 car that no one wants…and doesn’t really even work. We also did not know that some of the taxpayer money would also be going to help fund a new propaganda film! According to the Washington Times, GM agreed to sponsor a propaganda film that celebrates the 90th anniversary of the China Communist Party. The film is entitled “The Birth of a Party” and is part of a coming propaganda blitz that your tax dollars will be paying for. Doesn’t that just make you want to run out and by a new Caddy? Tonight, more on GM, China’s ‘ghost cities’, and more on the Restoring Courage event in Israel this August. Plus, $50.00 light bulbs? Nope, that’s not a misprint…find out more in tonight’s show or read more below.

One thought on “GLENN BECK TV SHOW (MAY 17, 2011)”

  1. We watched it. It was amazing!

    I have never heard such a passionate speech about Israel, and everything else he covered.

    Go Beck! He is unique!

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