Where is Lara Logan when you need her?

I tried to tell you. “Egypt riots raise worries over Islamic hard-liners,” by Lee Keath for the Associated Press, May 9 via JW:

CAIRO (AP) — Deadly Muslim-Christian riots that left 12 dead and a Cairo church a burned-out husk have magnified worries in Egypt over Islamic ultraconservatives who have grown more assertive since the fall of President Hosni Mubarak….

Note that for AP, “ultraconservatives” are those who want Sharia, and simultaneously “ultraconservatives” are those who oppose Sharia. You see, all we need is to get rid of ‘conservatives’ and replace them with progressive leftist lunatics and bingo: all the world will live in peace.


In mosques and on satellite TV stations, Salafis have accused Christians of trying to break what they call Egypt’s “Muslim character” and storing weapons in churches and monasteries….

Projection alert!

(Read the whole thing: Egypt riots raise worries...)

Egypt: 50,000 attend Muslim Brotherhood/Salafi rally:

“The United Arab States and the United Islamic States are inevitably coming, and soon we will have one caliph to rule us all”

The organizers chanted slogans stating that the Brotherhood and the Salafis are one, and that both seek to apply the Islamic Sharia.

Mark Steyn observes:

Hundreds of people cheer a mass murderer on the streets of London, but they’re merely “supporters”. Those who oppose them are the “extremists”.

…when even a Fleet Street tabloid covering a pro-terrorist-vs-English-nationalist protest reflexively labels the latter as the “extremists”, you know we’re losing the very language in which we can even discuss the issues. Extremist language tells us we’re losing (Bolt)

Paki Lunacy in Pics:

Tears for Binnie:

Leftist ashamed of Left’s tears for bin Laden (Bolt)

Nick Dyrenfurth is embarrassed by fellow Leftists – especially on the ABC’s Drum – who rage at the killing of Osama bin Laden:

LAST week the world learned of the death of a misogynistic, homophobic, racist mass murderer who supported a theocratic, neo-fascist ideology posing as a liberation movement….

Koran Rage Forever:

Pakistan: 4,000 Koranimals Attack Christian Church Over Rumored Koran Desecration…

The attack may have been trigged by the Pakistani police’s decision to release two Christians accused of insulting the Quran. (thanks to ZIP)

“The Christians, we know they will never do that. It’s like inviting a death sentence on yourself because of the reaction from the Muslims,” Racho contends. “The situation in Pakistan is very precarious for Christians. All it takes is for someone to claim that some Christian has done this or that.”