Australia: Our Humanity is Killing Us!

The traumatizing leaky boat racket

If the aim of the Government is to bankrupt Australia financially and morally – they are on a winner.

From Andrew Bolt: Enter at own risk

They’ve come unasked, passing through other countries where they’d be safe, and now win big payouts for being detained while we check if they really are what they claim:

AUSTRALIAN taxpayers are facing multi-million dollar compensation payouts to current and former asylum seekers who claim they suffered trauma and psychological damage in detention.

Legal and medical sources told The Daily Telegraph scores of detainees were preparing claims against the Australian government and detention centre operators Serco and G4S…

Among those making claims are Iranian Mehrnoosh Yousefi and her adult son, who have both been granted refugee status.

Mrs Yousefi’s husband, former Iranian oil industry engineer Parviz Yousefi, achieved notoriety when he sewed his lips together and attempted suicide several times while in detention at Woomera between 2001 and 2004.

In 2008 Mr Yousefi was reportedly awarded a record damages payout of more than $800,000 for psychological damage suffered in detention.

Whose money is that?

Greg Sheridan says Malaysia may be having second thoughts about the wisdom of helping the Gillard Government out of its boat people disaster: Useless, craven, desperate and deadly

PLANET CATE: Cate, I swear!

“Our job is to change reality, to challenge it, not prove it and explain it.” – Cate can sometimes be difficult to understand.

In the state where people have most reason to swear, new laws against swearing: The Bunyip has further news on Victorian justice, although reading it may provoke Victorian language law violations. VICTORIAN SWEAR JAR, (Tim Blair)

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  1. For f#cks sake – Im sick and tired of the legal profession and their incessant drive to destroy Australia through their insatiable avarice. Parasites.

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