"Controversial" Spencerman & Gellerwoman in Memphis and Houston

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Robert Spencer gets around:  from Stuttgart, Germany to Cleveland, and then to Nashville, Tampa, Memphis, and Houston:

Here is a thorough and generally accurate report on my talk in Memphis from ACT of Jonesboro, Arkansas. I don’t use the word “Islamists,” and could quibble a bit about other matters, but this is in the main a reliable and detailed account, and I thank him for it: “Robert Spencer Speaks At ACT! for America In Memphis,” from actjonesboroar, June 18:

Fellow Infidels,Burkasrugly recently had the pleasure of hearing Jihad Watch director Robert Spencer speak to the Memphis chapter of ACT! for America, and was granted a personal interview with him. Here is Part 1 of several installments. Enjoy.

There are a few brave souls who are on the front lines of the war against the
encroachment of the smothering totalitarian political system called Islam. One of those heroes, Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch, spoke to a group ACT! for America members in Memphis last Wednesday.

Robert Spencer talks to ACT! for America members in Memphis

Spencer is like a walking encyclopedia of knowledge about anything Islamic. He explained to the group that Islam is the only religion in the world that is also a political system. It is a total way of life that covers all behavior including politics. Spencer pointed out that this is problematic for free people – especially Americans -because Islam teaches something totally different than American law.

The so-called Religion of Peace is very deceitful. They may have a few verses about peace, love, and lollipops, but itmeans [sic] they are only sweet and nice to OTHER MUSLIMS. While they are merciful to each other, they are ruthless to infidels (that’s us folks). Spencer said that in Saudi Arabia and Iran if someone kills a Muslim the punishment is much harsher than if they kill a non-Muslim. The customary practice of paying blood money to the victim’s family even reflects the disparity as blood money is less for non-Muslims.

Spencer said that according to Islamists, the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights is flawed. Islamic countries have formulated their own rules on human rights. They say the right to life has to be qualified. They have particular problems with Article 18 of the Declaration of Human Rights. That article guarantees freedom of conscience and basically says that people should be able to change their religion or have no religion at all. In the U.S. we take this for granted. However, in Islam, changing religion is grounds for the death penalty.

Spencer also said that sex slaves are guaranteed in the Koran. He pointed to a verse (Koran 4:3) that says that a man can have four wives plus “captives his right hands posses.” In the last couple of weeks a Kuwait woman proposed that Russian and Chechnyan Muslims should capture non-Muslim women and make slaves of them. Spencer emphasized that there is no American version of Islam – this is the same Islam that we have in the U.S. Women are essentially relegated to the status of commodities.

He acknowledged that these things are unpleasant, but must be made known to the public. He said that Mohammed was 54 years-old when he consummated his marriage with a 9 year-old girl. Muslims consider Mohammed to be an excellent example of conduct, and the supreme guide for their lives. This is why there are so many marriages (a pedophile’s dream) to little girls in the Islamic world….


Read it all.

Otherwise, the utter cluelessness of the lame stream press is annoying, to say the least.

What’s controversial about telling the truth? Here is a reasonably accurate but somewhat clueless account of my talk in Memphis last night. Toward the end of the article you will see a mangled account of my explaining that the local mosque in question should be examined for links to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Meanwhile, come see us tonight in Houston: Pamela Geller and I will show our movie,The Ground Zero Mosque: Second Wave Of The 911 Attacks, and host a Q&A session after the screening. Copies of the movie will be available for sale after the screening. Admission is $20. Reservations are required. Get tickets here.

“Controversial Jihad Watch Speaker Tells Memphis ‘Be Careful,'” by Joy Lambert forABC24.com, June 15:

BARTLETT, TN – A “real and severe threat,” that’s what the controversial director of Jihad Watch, Robert Spencer, called radical Islams [sic] to a packed house in Bartlett Wednesday night, June 15.

“Radical Islams.” Sheesh.

More than 400 people attended the two hour event put on by the Memphis chapter of ACT for America, at Bartlett Station. Security was prevalent at the event. Everyone had to pass through a metal detector to get inside. There were also Bartlett Police K-9 units walking the exterior and police with guns ready in the event of an attack.Robert Spencer is controversial because he speaks against radical Islam and death threats have been made against him. The city of Bartlett and the organizers of the event, ACT for America, didn’t want to take any chances when Spencer arrived. ACT for America’s chapter leader, Mason Ezzell, says, “There are people and elements that would like to see (Spencer) gone. He has to travel with body guards. He was just in Germany and there were all sorts of security issues, people were throwing bottles and things. They don’t have the freedom of speech laws like we have with the First Amendment.”

Spencer’s focus on June 15, 2011, was on violent Jihad activity and how he says extreme groups are trying to take over America from the inside. He told the crowd, “What we have here is a situation unprecedented in American history and there is no parallel for it in anything that has happened before. It is a real challenge and a severe threat.”

There’s been a lot of controversy recently in America about mosques being built, there’s one under construction currently in Cordova. However, the Cordova mosque has attracted little negative attention and no protests. Spencer says without knowing exactly where the funding is coming from it should be a concern. Spencer says, “Obviously if this were any other organization set to eliminate Western civilization from within, nobody would be welcoming it to Memphis. But they use the cover of being a religion and claiming religious freedom to advance a political agenda.” The local Islamic board has denied any funding of the Cordova Mosque from Saudi Arabia, they say it is being locally funded.

Spencer told the crowd the main threat in Memphis is not terrorism but cultural change. One that he says extremist groups are using as a way to get their laws as part of American culture.

ACT for America’s agenda is to inform people about the spread of radical Islam. The Bartlett event was partially sponsored by a Tea Party group.


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