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Malmö police station attacked by gunfire

The police station in Malmö district RosengÃ¥rd, in the south of Sweden, was fired upon early Saturday morning. (The ‘yoots’ are becoming increasingly restless… Vlad Tepes has video)

Netherlands: Professional “moderate Muslim” turns out to be pro-terror jihadist

Mohamed Azahaf has been playing the “moderate” game for years, as you can see from this 2006 Jihad Watch post.

War Is Deceit Update: “Holland: Professional ‘Moderate Muslim’ Turns Out to be Radical, Pro-Terrorist Jihadist,” by Barry Rubin in Pajamas Media, June 17 via JW.

Islam in Europe links:

Netherlands: Gov’t to abandon multiculturalism

“The Dutch government will abandon the model of a multicultural society.” –Continue reading

Belgium: Teacher suspended for headscarf comments

An Islam teacher at the Royal Atheneum in Verviers was given a four month suspension for saying that girl who do not wear a headscarf live in sin.

UK: Eton and The Ritz on al-Qaeda hit list

Eton College and The Ritz hotel were on a hit list of British targets found on the dead body of a senior al-Qaeda leader according to reports. Via the Telegraph

Sweden: Forced marriage to be banned?

Eight thousand children and teens here fear they may be at risk. (source)

Mullah Krekar: I fight the West from my apartment in Oslo

At taxpayers expense, of course:

In an interview to an Iraqi al-Qaeda channel, Mullah Krekar spoke of his life and activities in Norway. The interview was published June 10th, and was posted on various Jihadist websites.Krekar explained that he participates in the battle against the West from his Oslo apartment. He also uses the opportunity to complain about life in Norway.   Continue reading

Frankfurt: Police officer identified as hate preacher

Hard to believe that such a creature is allowed to listen in on counter terrorism operations and trusted to run around with a gun….

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  1. No such thing as a ‘moderate’ Muslim’ – if there was then they would be out on the streets protesting against the barbarism committed in the name of Islam. But, of course, they are not. And they dont care.

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