'Islam cures depression'- really?

Frank Zappa:  … and it will cure your asthma too!

If that doesn’t work, try camel urine.

‘Quran Therapy’, a unique method to treat patients suffering from incurable and deadly diseases, is becoming popular, as a large number of patients have been cured.

These views were expressed by President of Islamic Health Research Association, Dr. Muhammad Riaz while talking to APP.

Dr Riaz said since the Holy Quran is an enduring miracle of Allah Almighty, which provides cures for human illnesses, both mental and physical. He said a human being can lead a healthy and long life by following the teachings and tenets of Holy Quran. (source)

We beg to differ:

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5 thoughts on “'Islam cures depression'- really?”

  1. They`re coming to take me away haha hoho hehe….what a load of bollocks !
    This one makes me giggle though…oh dear me…!

  2. I know that true faith can heal, but never heard about Koran’s healing, Would be good to show the world how would Koran would heal the terrorists

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