Jooliar in Canuckistan

In times past, Australians would read of leaders in Africa being overthrown. Times change.

Is she really that stoopid? Well, take a look:

Australian PM makes kissie face with Canadian leftists

Dear Prime Minister Gillard:

Thank you very much for your message to Jack Layton and the NDP. In that short 2 minutes, you’ve shown yourself to be completely ignorant of what our New Democrats are all about and you’ve made common cause withone of the most reactionary political parties in the western world. Well done.

When it comes to women’s rights, the NDP can make all the right noises, but in fact, they’ve been consistently against the UN and NATO mission in Afghanistan. Somehow, the women in Afghanistan don’t mean much to the NDP, and I guess, they don’t mean much to you. If the western world had listened to the likes of Jack Layton, the Taliban would be firmly entrenched in Afghanistan, and women would be stuck in their homes
wearing black tents. Welcome to the world of the NDP!

Prime Minister Gillard, perhaps you would like to know that many members of the NDP have shown themselves to be completely ignorant of Middle Eastern history, Indeed, just last year, the deputy leader of the party was caught on video claiming that Palestine had been occupied since 1948. Yes, this from the deputy leader of the party!

In the last election, the NDP showed their disdain for democracy by running candidates who didn’t so much as take one step in their ridings during the campaign. Some of their candidates in Quebec don’t even speak French. But, no matter because the NDP is the party of the people, no?

I could go on and on about the NDP. Their opposition to the Alberta Oil Sands, their inability to face up to the terror threat, their willingness to disarm Canada, and their way too friendly attitude towards jihadists.

But, you want to emulate them! Are you really that stupid?

Fred Litwin


5 thoughts on “Jooliar in Canuckistan”

  1. Yes! She really is that stoopid!

    I, for one, am gratified that “Jacko” didn’t get in power in Canada. He made a big splash in becoming the official opposition but I am sure he and his party of morons will cut themselves shaving as time passes and the NDP will drop like a stone come next election. It just takes a little time in Parliament for their true colours to show and the people will see this, I hope.

    The Canadian NDPs (New Evil Dipshits)are aiding and abetting the BIG union bosses in Canada and that is definitely not a good thing, particularly with the public workers unions. These unions are made up of Union Mafia-type thugs and Islamists. Many of them joined the “Sea Hitler” and are on their way to Gaza.

    I feel sorry for Australia as well. You are under the same threats.

  2. YES!!! She really IS that stupid, unfortunately for us….can’t WAIT to vote these idiot dhimmis OUT of Office next election!!

  3. Every time I see this woman and hear her talk her crap, I feel like vomiting all over the place.

    Am I the only one who feels this way?

  4. No Rossco, you are not alone. I agree with you. And with aussiegirl and al Kidya.

    She is a disaster and an embarrassment for Australia.

    Her father should have worn a condom. We should be thankful that she is childless and hasn’t passed on her faulty genes.

  5. Then make sure she and the labor thugs that put her in power are kicked out come election time – and look very carefully at those entering state, and council governing bodies. make sure no muslims and left-wing activists are amongst them and if so make sure the electorate understand what these thugs represent.

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