No Sharia, No Freedom Sack, No Islamization!

Anti Sharia

British baroness sponsoring bill to limit Sharia: “Many women say: ‘We came to this country to escape these practices only to find the situation is worse here.'”

Baroness Cox with Geert Wilders & Lord Pearson

More on this story. “Bill limiting sharia law is motivated by ‘concern for Muslim women’,” from the Guardian, June 8:

Islamic courts would be forced to acknowledge the primacy of English law under a bill being introduced in the House of Lords.

The horror!

Smell the sulphur from the Bunglawussi corner:

Money no object in defense of the Freedom Sack

A Muslim husband and wife are using a British legal team to launch a landmark human rights challenge to the French ban on the freedom sack.

No Dhimmitude in Al Andaluz

Slaves fighting for slavery:

Robert Spencer:

When I spoke at a Pax Europa rally in Stuttgart, Germany last Thursday, Leftist thugs stood for the jihad by trying to drown us out, and by throwing bottles, ice, eggs and manure at the stage. Now informed sources have identified the Leftist organizations that were carrying water for the jihad at that rally. An informed source has sent me this account of that rally in Stuttgart, about which I wrote here:

The first major action of the invading forces was to occupy the stage where the event was to take place, at 15:40, 20 minutes before the announced starting time. Unfortunately, this took place with no resistance from the police. The police was following events closely and created an extensive video record of it all. Accusations of ‘police violence’ has become a major problem for the German police, and they were clearly well prepared to document in detail how the day was proceeding.Stage occupied, the whole area became filled with victorious Antifa activists and sympathisers. Horns, drumbeats and slogans made it clear who controlled the area, and photographers where repeatedly intimidated and threatened to abstain from filming the events unfolding. Police officers joined the activists on stage, and at 15:54 made the first attempt to clear the stage for the event to commence at 16:00 as planned. Next attempt at 15:59.

Things in a stalemate, it was interesting to study who were supporting the disturbances. Flags and banners were observed from at least the following organization, who one must assume would be held responsible for any violence and damage done:


I think the Greens (Die Grüne) deserve praise for not supporting street violence. They are heading the local government in that area.

All the while, the police was negotiating with the roughly one dozen black-clad activists who were holding the stage. The negotiations went on for quite a while, but did not lead to the desired goal of liberating the stage to pave way for the event to proceed. The activists were visibly aggressive towards the police, and several were arrested and taken away. Eventually the police abandoned the dialogue approach and – much to the fury of the crowd – cleared the stage by force. The police line advanced to clear the place in front of the stage to make room for the audience, but the black-clad activists did not yield until pepper spray and batons were taken into use. Light injuries and further arrests took place.

The Palestinian flag was carried very prominently during the entire event. This is another curious twist, for Palestinian organisations like Fatah and Hamas are known for anti-semitic sentiment, and Hamas even quotes the same sources as the National Socialists did, as concerns Jews.

As can be expected given the composition of the crowd, slogans against capitalism are also on display. It seems that these people are not aware that the most prominent anti-capitalist movement in German history was .. the National Socialists.

Antifa supporters frequently tried to stop people from filming and taking pictures. The crowd seems to be unaware that intimidation and control of the press has been a cornerstone of each and every fascist movement in history, and that by doing what they do, they are acting like fascists themselves.


Anyway, we held our event, albeit with the police not preventing the Antifa goons from hurling projectiles at us. But we stood and faced them, indicating our determination never to surrender.


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