Its worse in pictures:

Hussein Obama, the world’s greatest genius, addresses troops at Fort Drum:  HE SPEAKS TO THE DEAD

The White House excuse: Obama didn’t have prepared remarks. It’s a no-Teleprompter problem!  (Tim Blair)

Hollow Hand Salute, Community Organizing Putz in Chief

Moonbattery: Obama’s Medal of Honor Gaffe: At least he didn’t call Monti a corpseman.

The combined output of Dear Leader and Big Joe Biden is so prodigious that even Sarah Palin couldn’t help but compliment them this past week in a Twitter feed.

Even Palin impressed by Bo & Joe’s output (Peoples Cube)

Obamunism on the Cover of Time

The latest cover of Time Magazine tells you all you need to know about the agenda of the left-wing media establishment that installed Barack Hussein Obama in power so that he could oversee the “fundamental transformation” of America:

Tut tut, anybody? Michelle Obama Does Sit-ups, Push-ups and Plays Soccer With…Desmond Tutu


Soros funded Group wants to stop Republicans from “manipulating” election results by… manipulating election results in ‘battleground states’

Known as the Secretary of State Project (SOSP), the organization was formed by liberal activists in 2006 to put Democrats in charge of state election offices, where key decisions often are made in close races on which ballots are counted and which are not. (Soros and liberal groups seeking top election posts in battleground states WaPo)

The Libtards can’t win on their abilities, intelligence, or decent morals, so they have to cheat.  Why are they so hell-bent on destroying the US of A?   They are trying to dumbdown the citizens, make us all bankrupt, steal our liberties and embarass us in front of the rest of the world….. 450 Comments

Tax Cheat Geithner:

Treasury Sec. Geithner: We Need to Raise Taxes on Small Businesses Because It‘s ’Fair’

“We’re not doing it because we want to do it, we’re doing it because we see no alternative…”Read More »

Dem. Rep’s Surprising Anti-Obama Speech: President ‘Becoming an Absolute Monarch’

“we don’t want to become an empire instead of a republic.”   Read More »

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