Rape Jihad: 14-Year-Old Norwegian Kills Herself after Brutal Gang-Rape…

Police believe that the rapes have been planned in advance.

Muselmanic cultural enrichment hard at work:

Just what does it take to get those who have abdicated their responsibility  to serve and protect  removed from positions of power? What must be done to provoke a reaction, any kind of reaction, against the raping, looting, murdering scum of the earth who are falsely portayed as a poor, marginalized and underprivileged minority?

14-Year-Old Norwegian Kills Herself after Brutal Gang-Rape...(Tundra Tabloids)

A 14-year-old girl in Trondheim took his own life after being assaulted and raped by three teenage boys. Only four weeks after she reported the rape at Kristiansten fortress, ninth grader could not bear to live any longer.

The girl’s mother believes the group rape is the direct cause of why her daughter chose to take her life two weeks ago:

– This shows how brutal consequences of such a serious crime can get, “said her mother through her daughter’s counsel, Sigrun Dybvad.

Her mother has consented to the Adresseavisen’s mentioning the tragic incident, and she has provided information to the case. The incident has shaken many in Trondheim. Address newspaper has in recent days received emails and phone calls from desperate and upset parents. Over 1300 people have joined in a memorial group for 14-year-old online community Facebook. Tuesday this week met with 245 people up to say goodbye when she was buried in the Lutheran Free Church.

Police in Trondheim is worried after five unsolved assault rapes or attempted on the same page 1 April. In three of the five cases , several perpetrators, all of which are described as African or Middle Eastern men. Police believe that the rapes have been planned in advance.



The men on trial are Ahdel Ali, 23, Murbarek Ali, 28, Mohammed Ali Sultan, 24, Tanveer Ahmed, 39, Mahroof Khan, 33, Noshad Hussain, 21, Mohammed Islam Choudhrey, 52, Mohammed Younis, 59 and 34-year-old Abdul Rouf.

The evening before 1 May facilitate the ninth grader for her friends when she was stopped by a young man of foreign origin. According to 14-year-old’s explanation, he tried to stay around and kiss her. When she responded that she would meet a friend, he said he knew this friend. This thought ninth grader, and went with the man. Shortly after the assault began:

Ninth graders noticed that two other teenage boys came walking, and thought at first that they came to help. Instead, they have helped to keep her down. The girl told that she tried to shout for help, but that there was so much noise that no one heard her.

While peers attached very close, and while both the police and about 50 night owls patrolling the area, the 14-year-old testified that two of the perpetrators managed to rape her, before she got loose from the third. Then she ran from the scene, and away in the direction Nonnegata. There, she met a couple who should have immediately understood that something had happened and helped her home.

The girl has described the perpetrators as teenage boys in 16-17-age of foreign origin.


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  1. We need people to put the names of the suspects on the open media. If this is attributable to the muslim community then they must pay in full – and to my mind that means judicially executing the muslim perpetrators AND their supporters.

  2. In 2008 this girl, Eva, and her friends told the local news that they were excluded from the playground when older “students” turned up in cars and occupied it by 20-30 men playing football.

    A sign clearly says that the playground is especially for children up to 15.


    So, sadly, these young girls have been putting up with “minorities’ yuman rites” for some time already, in Trondheim.

    These “minorities” have a tendancy of occupying space, whatever the reason. In Oslo, cricket players are occupying a running track, meant for just running.

    Norwegians are fleeing this eastern part of Oslo, since their children have become a minority in the schools, and their parents cannot stand watching their daughters trying to escape being called a “whore” by dyeing their blond hair black. 7 out of 10 newborn are of foreign descent.


  3. Since the Muslims come from a shame culture the suitable punishment should be castration and deportation to their choice of one of the fifty-seven sharia compliant hell-hole of a country. Think of the sigh of relief from the seventy-two virgins in the Islamic bordello, sorry I mean the Islamic heaven.

  4. I notice the screaming silence of the islamist apologists on this one. Cat eaten your tongues……..??????????????????

  5. Where muslims go, they bring their vile and debased attitudes to women, life and liberty with them. Wake up Europe.



    Coming with the Islamic trend in the West: for example, in Norway, all rapes in the past 5 years were committed by Muslims — one 12-year-old rape victim was told by her Muslim rapist, “he had the right to do exactly as he wanted to a woman.” “Why?” “Because that is how it was in his religion. Women did not have rights or opinions, he was in charge.”

    Fight back? Get murdered.

    Article in Spanish here (thanks to Rod)


    The weekend trip for two Swedish students in Fuengirola has ended in tragedy after one of them was killed by an individual who tried to assault them sexually.

    According to the first hypothesis, both tourists spent a few days in the town of Malaga, housed in the hotel El Cid. Apparently, they met a young 30-year-old Moroccan in a nightclub who was staying for the night at the same hotel as them but in a different room.

    At 04:00, the alleged murderer went to the room of the two Swedish girls and after attempted to sexually assault them, stabbed one of them and killed her. The other girl escaped with wounds and alerted the hotel staff, who retained the subject with the help of a police trainee.

    The detainee remains in Fuengirola Police Station waiting to go to court.

    1. “Double Standards” for Malay Bigots:

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  7. * Malaysia: Muslim group declares jihad against Christians

    Rebellious Malaisia – just a tsunami or earthquake away from destruction?

  8. Indeed, a lot of people are tempted to do such awfull things because they are psychologically ill (often), and spritually weak. They are being destroyed by let themselves to be hugged by evilness doings. Pity for innocents who are their victims and don’t have the chance to see it in advance so they can avoid it. A prayer for these kinds of crimes will be given a righteous and fair justices. God is always the best Judge in here in the end. RIP Eva.

  9. Indeed, a lot of people are tempted to do such awfull things because they are psychologically ill (often), and spiritually weak. They are being destroyed and let themselves to be hugged by evilness doings. Pity for innocents who were their victims and don’t have the chance to see it in advance so they can avoid it. A prayer for these kinds of crimes will be given a righteous and fair justices. God is always the best Judge in here in the end. RIP Eva.

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