Somalia, Nigeria, Kenya, Indonesia

Good Riddance:

  • Al-Qaeda’s Africa Leader Killed in Somalia: The leader of Al-Qaeda in east Africa, Fazul Abdullah Muhammad, was killed this week in Magadishu. Fazul is thought to have planned the massive US embassy truck bombings in Africa in 1998.   The AFP reported via GWP

To be taken with a grain of salt:

Family Affair:

Somali interior minister killed by teenage niece who had joined al-Shabaab jihadists

War is deceit,” Muhammad said. “Somali minister Abdi Shakur Sheikh Hassan killed by niece,” from BBC News, June 10: I’d say it is another case of ‘my allah is better than yours…”

Nigeria: Sharia on the march:

Homo Killers

Indonesia pretends:

Police stand guard outside the trial.

“I hope all who blame me get cursed by God.”

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  1. Somali jihadists: “Parents have to make sure they teach their children the principles of Islamic jihad”

    They also have begun a campaign to impose the Arabic language on the population, not only over English, but over the Somali language. That includes major changes in the school curriculum that will make those students who are actually able to study less knowledgeable and less competitive, with obvious economic repercussions. It also seeks to disconnect them from their culture and associated loyalties, replacing those values with jihadist ideology and Islamic supremacism.

    Jihad causes poverty. “Somali militants order schools to teach Arabic,” from Reuters, September 7:

    MOGADISHU (Reuters) – Somalia’s al Shabaab rebels have banned English from schools in the southern port city of Kismayu they control and demanded teachers switch the curriculum to include Arabic and Islamic studies.
    The latest edict shows the disconnect between the al Qaeda-allied rebels intent on stamping harsh laws on areas they control, and Somali leaders who have agreed to hold an election next year even though the internationally backed government barely controls any territory beyond the capital.
    The new school ruling also comes just days after the rebels ordered businesses on the outskirts of Mogadishu to rip down posters in English and Somali and replace them with Arabic ones.
    Jihad has always been a vehicle for Arab imperialism interwoven with Islamic supremacism: how, for example, did Libya become an “Arab” country, whose official language is Arabic? And there is Sudanese president Bashir’s own campaign of cultural and linguistic Arabization.

    Teachers in Kismayu said al Shabaab ordered the syllabus be changed from the beginning of this month after a week of meetings between the two parties.
    “We used to teach the students Kenyan, Sudanese or Malaysian curricula which are written in English so that students can understand the material when they reach university,” Mahmud Ali, headmaster of Mohamed Jamac secondary and primary school in Kismayu, told Reuters by phone.
    Cultural genocide:

    “But now we can’t teach because we have to change everything, including our teachers who are mostly Kenyan and don’t speak Arabic. We also used to teach students Somali literature, we don’t know what to do now,” he said.
    The southern port city of Kismayu has about six secondary schools that teach in English, while most of the primary schools already teach in Arabic.
    Al Shabaab have in the past sought to recruit school children to join a holy war against Somalia’s government and its allies. They have already banned English and science studies in other parts of southern Somalia.
    In a statement posted on al Shabaab’s website, the militants said they took this step because they felt students were learning values in Christian and Hindu curriculums that they said were against Islamic sharia principles.
    The hardline group, which bans music, movies and soccer, adheres to its own harsh interpretation of sharia law. They have also beheaded people and amputated limbs as punishment.
    Beheadings: Qur’an 47:4. Amputations: Qur’an 5:33 for “spreading corruption in the land” and “waging war against Allah,” and in 5:38 for theft. They didn’t invent that.

    “The reason we want to impose this is to eradicate every curriculum against the Islamic sharia and we want to promote Islamic studies. We will take steps to control the educational system of our children,” the group said in a statement.
    “Parents have to make sure they teach their children the principles of Islamic jihad,” said the group, which wants to impose its version of sharia law on all of Somalia….

  2. Memories of days gone, with all the cliches …

    The Hon. Alexander Downer, MP

    [Al Qaeda and its fellow extremists pursue goals that are political in nature, but they use extreme and twisted interpretations of Islam to justify their actions. Mukhlas, one of the Bali bombers, says – and I quote – “according to Sharia law Almighty God commands the faithful to become terrorists”.[2] Thus, for the terrorists, violence becomes a justifiable end in itself.

    This is a tragic distortion of Islam, and one that is rejected by mainstream Muslims and religious leaders everywhere. But this is sometimes a sensitive debate for non-Muslims to enter into. Our repudiation of violent extremism can be misinterpreted as an attack on Islam itself, or indeed on all Muslims. This is simply not true, of course, but it is a myth the extremists like to perpetuate as it suits their desire to stoke conflict and resentment.

    As I talk this evening about the extremists’ ideology and the ideas we should use to counter it, I want to make clear that the heart of this contest is not about religion. Islam commands respect as one of the great religions of the world and Muslims are valued members of our Australian community.]

    Having carefully crafted the myth of “extremist islam”, our leaders of all flavours are condemned to wallowing in their own mythomania.

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