Recalcitrant Ruskies

Russia Slow to Wrap Itself in Multicultural Tapestry

Break out the tissues. The Beeb jerks some tears over the failure of Russia to roll out a sufficiently plush red carpet for colonists from Africa:

Tell you what, Rwandans. If you don’t like your free houses in Russia, why don’t you head back to Rwanda?

The Political Cesspool is struck by the freedom of expression on display in Russia that would not be seen here:

It was incredible to hear Konstantin Poltoranin, of the Russian Federal Migration Service, say in this interview with the BBC, “What is now at stake is the survival of the White race. We feel this in Russia. We want to make sure the mixing of blood happens in the right way here, and not the way it has happened in Western Europe, where the results have not been good.”

No Western bureaucrat could survive having said that, no matter how many people agreed with it.

Case in point:

“All your black ass votes are belong to us”

Russia’s narrow-minded devotion to self-preservation could cost it the multicultural richness that can be found back in the BBC’s homeland, where colorful stories like this enliven the daily news:

A council caretaker trafficked girls as young as 14 into Britain to work as prostitutes after they had been put under a voodoo spell, a court heard yesterday.

Anthony Harrison, 32, is alleged to have raped two girls in Britain after they had been subjected to an extraordinary African black magic ritual by a people-smuggling gang.

Harrison has multiple aliases; his real name is unknown. He came to Britain from Nigeria in 2003 and was refused asylum but granted indefinite leave to remain. His operation smuggles in young girls to sell as sex slaves by having them tell authorities that they need asylum because they have been accused of being lesbians, assuring that the liberals in charge will accede to all demands.

The terrifying ceremony was performed in Nigeria by a Juju priest to trap the girls into a life of sex slavery, it was said.

During the ritual, a 16-year-old girl was taken to a shrine where she was stripped naked by two men and slashed dozens of times with a razor so the priest could collect her blood which was placed in a coffin, Woolwich Crown Court heard.

In a terrifying ordeal ‘little short of torture’, the girl’s body hair was shaved off, her arms were bound behind her back and she was forced to lie naked and covered in blood in another coffin, jurors were told.

The victim also allegedly had to eat the raw heart of a freshly slaughtered chicken as part of the spell by the priest, who told her that he had access to her soul and if she did not obey his commands he could visit her in her dreams and ‘kill her from within’.

If there’s one thing Europe’s colonists know how to do, it’s kill from within.

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