Switzerland: Meeting Between Geert Wilders & Oskar Freysinger Cancelled

Won’t be long before the black flag of Islam flies over Switzerland.  When Islam moves in, freedom goes out the door:

Sharia Rules

According to Swiss News  SVP National Council Oskar Freysinger (photo) was forced to cancel  Geert Wilders visit due to pressure by Muslim fundamentalists, who predicted  “violent reactions”.  (pi reported).  As usual in these cases, the ‘moderate Muslims’ cannot guarantee that ‘some radicals’ might riot in order to give the religion of peace a bad name.  The public appearance of the Dutch parliamentarian in Switzerland was finally called off. The decision is in agreement with Wilders, according to SVP Valais from Tuesday evening. Further information you can find on the homepage of Oskar Freysinger, who used to believe that  Switzerland “is a free country”.

In German from PI: Wilders-Besuch in der Schweiz abgesagt

Laut einer Meldung der Schweizer Tagesschau musste sich SVP-Nationalrat Oskar Freysinger (Foto) dem Druck der muslimischen Fundamentalisten beugen, die für den angekündigten Wilders-Besuch Ausschreitungen angekündigt und dadurch Sicherheitsbedenken ausgelöst hatten (PI berichtete). Der öffentliche Auftritt des niederländischen Parlamentariers in der Schweiz wurde endgültig abgesagt. Die Entscheidung sei in Ãœbereinstimmung mit Wilders gefallen, teilte die SVP Wallis am Dienstagabend mit. Weitere Infos erhalten Sie auf der Homepage von Oskar Freysinger, der bisher “dachte, die Schweiz wäre ein freies Land”.

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  1. Let’s face it muslims are offended or outraged by just about anything so I’m afraid unless we want to rollover and play dead we have to go up against them and teach them a lesson.

  2. immigrants cannot be allowed to threaten any country.what is wrong with dealing with them?properly.

  3. muslims will have to answer for their blasphemies one day – but not to us.

  4. Any Muslim alien living in the Western world who threatens its citizens must be deported post-hate to their choice of sharia hell-hole.

  5. Then the Mohammedans will be able to get all the Jewish Gold the NAZI’s hid in Switzerland and which Switzerland just wont release back to the Jews.

  6. close all the mosques and deport the Imams for inciendiary preaching, otherwise known as calling for murder, violence and mayhem. That used to be a crime. Then deport anyone calling for Sharia law which will, inevitably, subvert their legal constitutions.

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