That's not halal killing: Indo cleric "joins attack" on cattle slaughter

Damage Control

Nothing is what it is: halal is not halal and Islam is not Islam. It never is.

(As ugly as animal cruelty may be, I have more problems with the selective outrage that disregards the thousands of murdered Christians, Hindus & Buddhists and the destruction of their places of worship. I guess we all have our priorities…..)

The Australian

Malaysia: ‘We can’t become another Guantanamo Bay for you’

Too funny that the holding pens for illegals are hundred times worse than the facilities in Gitmo, but hyperbole is the trademark of Muselmaniacs:

OPPOSITION is mounting in Malaysia, where an election is expected in the next few months, to the asylum-seeker swap pencilled with the Gillard government. (Source)

Following GetUp!’s Malaysian stand down, some screaming hypocrisy from suddenly-silent Greens senator Sarah Hanson-Young: video  SILENCE OF THE GREENS

Tim Blair:

Bookmark that little performance. It might come in handy when next the conservatives are in power, and the Greens revert to howler monkey mode.

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  1. Halal Hysterics

    Bovine matter hits the fan

    It’s not that we haven’t expected it, haven’t we?

    The decision to ban live cattle export triggered hysterical, (and full of indignation) reactions from Indonesia, from those who benefit from this barbarity and from those politicians who represent those involved in this horrible blood trade.

    Mr Bayu also warned that the Australian ban could represent discrimination against his nation and could be raised with the World Trade Organisation.

    Backed by the Cattle Council of Australia, Nationals leader Warren Truss said it was “unthinkable” that the government would proceed with a ban on trade worth $330 million without putting in place any plans for how to deal with its impacts on producers.

    And of course the Aboriginal issue emerged to stress that the ban must be lifted:

    Asked what would happen to the 700 indigenous employees working on 82 cattle stations across the nation’s north, including 54 in the Northern Territory, she (Julia Gillard) conceded the decision created difficulties for the industry. (source)

    In all this madness there is ONE issue, which should be addressed here right now.

    How come Indonesia can actually afford Australian beef?

    Just think about it!

    The costs of bringing cattle to the point of sale, the costs of transport, costs of advertising and the costs of the middle man (all in Australia, for Australian prices and salaries) – and then the Indonesian beef distributors and butchers still make profit on the local market?

    How much does a kilo of beef cost the Indonesian wholesalers?

    Who really pays for “Indonesian” beef?

    Are free market forces at play here ?

    Pig’s arse they are.

    We’ll investigate.

  2. Exactly what PG said on Australian Islamist Monitor link – banning live cattle to Indo will simply mean halal slaughterers being brought in to do it here – do we really need more enrichers, with all the baggage of mosques, preyer rooms, segregated swimming & all the rest?

    There is no “ethical slaughter” when the food is being sacrificed to idols / false gods (allah). halal has corrupted our food chain enough.

  3. Indonesian authorities foil jihadist plot to poison police with cyanide

    Whew, it’s a good thing they’re working so hard to keep the country safe from Ahmadis and Christians. “Densus 88 Arrests 16 Terror Suspects,” by Farouk Arnaz for the Jakarta Globe, June 13:

    Counterterrorism police have arrested 16 suspects involved in different terror plots, including a plan to carry out a mass poisoning of police, the National Police spokesman said on Monday.
    “From Thursday till last Sunday, we’ve captured 16 individuals suspected of terrorism in various cases,” Sr. Comr. Boy Rafli Amar said.
    Of the 16 arrested by Densus 88, seven were arrested in Jakarta, two in Pekalongan, two in East Kalimantan, two in Central Sulawesi and one in Bandung.
    The men arrested in Jakarta were involved in a terror plot to poison police, Boy said, adding that he was unable to provide any further information on the identities of the suspects.
    On Friday, a police source told the Jakarta Globe that a suspect arrested in Pekalongan, identified as HK, was linked to a senior figure in Jemaah Islamiyah, Dulmatin.
    Ali Fauzi, the young brother of convicted terrorist Mukhlas, said that he had spent time with HK in the Philippines.
    “I was with HK for five years in Moro. He is the brother-in-law of Dulmatin. I hear that he was arrested for hiding Dulmatin before he was shot [dead] by the police last year,” Ali said.
    Meanwhile, the police source on Monday said that seven arrested in Jakarta were a new terrorist network.
    “So far they have not been involved in any other networks. They had only plotted to put cyanide in the food eaten by police officers,” the source added.
    More: “Cyanide terrorist taken to Jakarta,” from the Jakarta Post, June 14:

    A police official has unveiled that the police have taken four terrorist suspects to the police’s mobile brigade detention center for further questioning.
    The suspects, he added, were Haryanto Abdul Jabar alias Furkon, Anang Muhtadin alias Papa Enal, Ali Miftah and Ali Firmansyah alias Ibrahim.
    “They are part of the Poso terrorist group,” National Police spokesman Sr. Comr. Boy Rafli Amar said Monday as quoted by “Some used to work with Dulmatin as well.”…

  4. The Indonesian counter-terror police actually seem to understand what they are dealing with, unshackled by the PC-ness that hobbles ours.

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