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‘I’m a Marxist,’ Dalai Lama tells Chinese students

And yet Obama still made him leave the White House via the garbage exit (weasel zippers)

Melanie Philipps:

Now Ministers Admit I Was Right

Now they tell us. Ministers have finally admitted what I revealed in my book, Londonistan, back in 2006 and have written many times since then – that, incredible as it may seem, hundreds of thousands of pounds of public money that was supposed to be spent on countering Islamic extremism has gone to groups or individuals actually promoting Islamic extremism.

Paralysed by political correctness, the previous Labour government, the intelligence agencies, police, universities and other institutions decided to try to promote ‘moderate’ Muslim groups to tackle the extremists. (More)

“It is difficult to imagine a more offensive incident”, said Her Honour Judge Carol Hagen. Her Honour clearly lacks imagination.

“Sultan Mehmed Fatih Ensemble was chosen to perform at Aya Ä°rini on such an important day in history. This is by far the ‘trophy of my career’,”

said Mehmet Bajraktarevic, celebrating the conquest of Constantinople.

Soros’ funded Stink tank “Think Progress” on the Muslim Brotherhood:

“experts will tell you, the Muslim Brotherhood is not “committed to violence” (“Since the 1970s, the group has not engaged in violent activity.”); they are not “radical” (“[T]his is a very conservative movement.”); and the U.S. should not be afraid of Brotherhood.

ZIP has the story, here..

Lefty “Logic”

Hamas Headbanger Watch

Hamas Official: We’ll Sacrifice Everything Until Al-Aqsa, Tel Aviv Are Liberated

Yawn. The Fat Cats of Jihad are not sacrificing anything. They expect indoctrinated morons to sacrifice their children. (MEMRI)

Mushir Al-Masri, Hamas official and secretary-general of Hamas in the Palestinian Legislative Council,said at the June 7 march honoring the Golan Heights “Naksa Day” martyrs that the Palestinians would sacrifice blood, lives, commanders, and soldiers until the Palestinian flag and the green flag [of Islam] fly over Al-Aqsa mosque and liberated Tel Aviv

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  1. I see the Hamas Jihadbots are Green with envy, as per usual. Envious of Israel and it’s strong links to reality, modernity, civil society and freedom. The Jews love and defend their children, not use them as cannon fodder and human shields. If ever a group of people need purging, it is the upper echelons of the Islamo politik.

  2. Re. the statement – “Hamas is not violence – it is conservative”. The problems that we see on a daily basis are all related to conservative islam: which suggests conservative islam = radical islam.

    The muslims are playing a “definition” game but by definitions based on observation and analysis, islam is always conservative and thus radical.

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