Abbas encounters Dutch Resistance: "We won't meet with a Holocaust denier."

The Dutch are smarter than the average legislators

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Israel Matzav

Received by email from someone in Holland:

Abbas is in Holland.

Here is a summary of today’s headlines.

PVV and SGP (orthodox Christian party) boycotted the meeting with Abbas in the parliament.

PVV spokesman: “We do not deal with a holocaust denier”.

Christian Union leader Joel Voordewind did attend the meeting but tweeted afterwards ‘Abbas is schizofrenic’.

He explained why he thinks so: “on one hand Abbas wants a two state solution but on the other hand is working towards the destruction of Israel”.

PM Rutte :” Independent Palestinian State can only be established by means of negotiations with Israel”.

FM Rosenthal said Abbas should return to the negotiation table, he also said that Gilad Shalit should be released immediately. Abbas did not comment. However, Abbas did comment on the call for negotiations, he said that he was willing to negotiate but also said that if negotiations do not come into being going to the UN is inevitable. To which Rosenthal responded that in that case the Netherlands will not support the statehood bid.

This from the country that just acquitted Geert Wilders on charges of incitement. The PVV is Wilders’ party.

In this interview (in Dutch) Abu Bluff finally seems to accept that six million Jews died in the Holocaust. Of course, it’s not in Arabic, so it won’t make that much of a difference.

If only the Israeli government had the junk to say “We won’t meet with a Holocaust denier.”


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  1. [He explained why he thinks so: “on one hand Abbas wants a two state solution but on the other hand is working towards the destruction of Israel”.]

    Sounds like the Antichrist (not asserting anything).

  2. ‘Abbas is schizofrenic’

    It seems to me that all devout Muslims suffer from schizophrenia. It’s the Mohammadan disease. It comes from centuries of interbreeding coupled with indoctrination from birth and prostration prayer.

    It could also be a case of SNJH.

  3. Here’s an update on the hooker who framed Dominique Strauss-Kahn by accusing him of violently sexually attacking her.

    From BaredNakedIslam:
    MUSLIM MAID who falsely accused Dominique Strauss-Kahn is still turning tricks in a hotel paid for by NYC taxpayers
    She was turning tricks on the taxpayers’ dime! The Sofitel maid who accused Dominique Strauss-Kahn of a sex attack in his suite wasn’t just a hotel hooker — she continued to work as a prostitute in a Brooklyn hotel where she was stashed by prosecutors. (Why isn’t this bitch under arrest, awaiting deportation now?) NY […]

    1. The case against Dominique Strauss-Kahn — “stealth” jihad in action?

      Funny that his pictures are all over the media, his career is destroyed, and there is not one picture of the hooker that set him up.

      Until May of this year, the Frenchman Dominique Strauss-Kahn, better known to some by his initials DSK, was the influential head of the International Monetary Fund. His arrest in New York City in May of this year on sexual assault charges has been one of the most spectacular and possibly over-reported news stories of 2011. DSK’s downfall has had all the elements of a long-lived scandal: a powerful personality, accusations of a violent and heinous crime, and all brought about by a mere hotel chambermaid. There was more than a whiff of schadenfreude in the media’s accounts that eagerly reported on DSK’s initial detention at Riker’s Island in New York, right down to his daily routine, meals, and even what sort of clothes he had to wear while incarcerated. DSK’s reputation as a womanizer who has had numerous liaisons over the years has done little to help his case.

      Of course, it just so happens that DSK’s accuser, a housekeeper at the Sofitel New York, is duly described in many media accounts as a “…very pious, devout Muslim woman.” And it also so happens that Mr. Strauss-Kahn is Jewish. Coincidence? ‘Coincidence’ may be what many have thought up to this point, but it may be time to revisit this assumption.

      And here’s why. Six weeks after DSK’s initial arrest, more information is now emerging about DSK’s accuser, a woman who migrated from the African nation of Guinea to the US. And these revelations are the reason why the legal case against DSK is unraveling with such amazing speed. Mr. Strauss-Kahn has in fact already been released from house arrest.

      The migrant from Guinea, who came into the United States on an asylum claim in 2004, has apparently lied from beginning to end. Her story that her husband was killed opposing the regime in Guinea and she was forced to flee her homeland was all a lie. She lied about her finances in order to secure public housing. She claimed a friend’s child as her own in order to increase her Federal tax refund. She has had numerous associations with criminals, including her own boyfriend who is now languishing in an Arizona prison. And her own story of her supposed encounter with DSK has changed over the last six weeks, chock full of inconsistencies. In other words, she’s emerged as about the worse sort of witness imaginable for the prosecution.

      Probably the most damning evidence to come to light is the fact that, while DSK’s accuser spoke to her incarcerated boyfriend by phone, she is reported to have said, in effect, that “…DSK has a lot of money and I know what I’m doing.” She attempted to hide these intentions by speaking in an African dialect, but apparently the Feds were listening and eventually had it translated.

      This is not the first time a Muslim has tried to run an extortion racket against an ‘infidel’, with the only difference now being that the target was a very high-profile one. Many Muslims have long been noted for their intimate involvement in the criminal underworld, exploiting Westerners, running welfare scams, and in general ‘parasiting’ non Muslims and western society at every opportunity. The case against DSK appears to be but a recent and high-profile instance of ‘stealth’ or ‘legal’ jihad, when Muslims attempt to exploit the infidels’ own laws for maximum advantage.

      Why would a Muslim, and a ‘pious, devout’ one at that, be so adept and experienced at lying? Surely Islam has nothing to do with this woman’s pathological lying, and nothing to do with her criminal attempts to extort money from a powerful, rich Jew. Of course.

      As jihad-minded and Islamic supremacist Muslims continue to pour into the US and other Western countries, permitted to do so by clueless or complicit authorities, the next attempted shakedown (high profile or otherwise) is but a matter of time. What happened to Dominique Strauss-Kahn will eventually happen again.

      Well, our untrusted enemedia has priorities:
      DSK chased by media

      Former IMF Chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn’s departs townhouse and is chased by media through New York streets. Rough Cut (No reporter narration)

  4. I suspect, from inspection of high-level left wing comments after the initial arrest, that Strauss-Kahn was set up to try and force a change in the seat he holds to muslim interests. This is how islamists work!!”!

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