Australia: Flogged Salafist (Still) Finds Islam 'Beautiful'

Perhaps its  a new variation of  S & M:

Vid thanks to Vlad Tepes

Naturally, the Muselmanic denialist chews his taqiyya like Muslims chew khat in Yemen or Somalia: “As Australian Muslims we are required to follow Australian law…” blah blah… until they have the numbers to change…. Australian law and replace it with sharia.

Something more sinister:

Costello warns: the free press is being threatened

Peter Costello says Bob Brown’s call for a media inquiry is just a sinister attempt to intimidate critics of his politicies:

Brown has suggested a new licensing regime so that newspapers can be published only by ‘’a fit and proper’’ person. By definition, a person who spreads hate is not ‘’fit and proper’’ to publish a newspaper. So there you have a neat little formula to strip an owner or threaten a newspaper with closure. If its coverage engenders ‘’hatred’’ for certain policies, then you take away the licence. More from Andrew Bolt

This government has gone beyond incompetent. Now they are becoming dangerous and scary.

10 thoughts on “Australia: Flogged Salafist (Still) Finds Islam 'Beautiful'”

  1. And we can probably expect to see more of these mob-driven applications of sharia punishment carried out in the West which, so far, has no laws calling for penalties against drinking while Muslim.

    That is, until they reach critical mass, like the 8 to 10% that France is suffering now. By around 20% they won’t need the mobs anymore, the mobs will have graduated from law schools, police academies, etc.

  2. And then they will drag Australia into the misery, stagnation, and intellectual barrenness that is all islamic countries. If you love your home, fight against these scum.

  3. Kaw, what you say is correct, the evidence is abounding in Australia now, quietly and efficiently the koraminal invaders need to be removed. Anything less is national suicide.

  4. Parliament has a choice – continue to play the harlot with islam & reap the consequences (their ultimate destruction along with society) or sincerely call upon God in Jesus’ name to vouchsafe His blessing.

    I suspect they will continue to play the harlot and be destroyed.

  5. What induced this fool to convert? A dislike of equality for women? The attractiveness of having multiple subservient wives? Muslim women – held captive by their men and betrayed by “feminists.” This idiot could still pay with the loss of his life – if he renounces Islam. Having a subservient wife/s is no compensation for the loss of personal choice and freedom/democracy.

  6. A sharia “law” punishment for drinking alcohol, or is it now to be spun as revenge for unpaid debts?

    [A MUSLIM man who once called Osama bin Laden a ”soldier of God” participated in a brutal flogging of a man to impose his religious beliefs and his standing in the Islamic community, police have alleged in court.

    But unpaid debts, not alcohol, are thought to be behind the assault of Silverwater man Christian Martinez, sources in the Muslim community said.]

    * I wonder who these “sauces” are? Heinz & Rosella?

  7. Simon,
    It can be safely assumed that those that convert to islam are not terribly intelligent.

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