Dhimmitude on Steroids

US special forces to be taught how to cook for Afghan tribal elders

If this is not the final nail in the coffin of this once greatest army I don’t know what is. Not only that there are American females running around with hijabs, our troops are not allowed to shoot back until the Taliban shoot a few of them; then they can’t shoot back because that might wake up the terrorists who are hiding among the complicit villagers, all the while being bombarded with homosexual propaganda and the threat to being court-martialed for shooting these murderers or blowing them out of their holes.

And don’t get me started on the increasing number of Afghan thugs who suffer from ‘Sudden Jihad Syndrome’….

Ben Farmer, Kabul

US special forces soldiers are to be given a three-day butchery and cooking class so they can prepare authentic Afghan cuisine for tribal elders.

United States Special Operation Command is looking for butchers and cooks who can teach how to slaughter livestock, then prepare a meal.

It wants its commandos to learn to prepare an “Afghan meal cooked in the style and presentation that would be expected by local village elders”, according to procurement documents.

The documents do not detail why the soldiers will be taught to cook, but special forces teams in Afghanistan frequently live among remote villages where they raise and train local defence forces to resist the Taliban.

Sharing cups of green tea, meals and hospitality with locals has long been considered critical to Nato’s “hearts and minds” counter insurgency campaign.

However such events often highlight the gulf between those from American or European cities and villagers whose life has changed little in centuries.

Shared meals can see soldiers, diplomats and officials pushing hunks of meat and offal around their plate and picking at mountains of rice for fear of food poisoning.

Afghan villagers are in turn rarely won over by Sloppy Joes, enchiladas and beef brisket found in army ration packs.

The three-day Afghanistan Cooking Techniques course will teach up to 132 soldiers in bases including Fort Lewis, Eglin Air Force Base and Fort Bragg.

Pupils will learn to slaughter cattle, sheep and goats according to Islamic principles and “how to process and cure meats and vegetables in a culturally sensitive environment”.

As well as cooking, they will be taught to identify cuts of meat, how to preserve animal hides and cooked materials, and even how to bake bread from raw wheat kernels.

All cooking will be done with “indigenous cooking equipment”. The trainee chefs will finish the course with a written test.

Afghan menu:

Kabuli Pulao – steamed rice cooked with lamb, carrots and raisins.

Vegetables – spinach and okra

Salad – Tomato, onion and cucumber



Fruit – melon and watermelon


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  1. WTF? how’d they get to be elders if they need Americans to cook for them?

    Just a way for dhimmis to be made to “slaughter cattle, sheep and goats according to islamic principles”? Meaning uttering the prayer to Satan while doing so?

  2. The idiot who came up with this should be served some goats testicle and sheep’s eyeballs on a bed of rice. Shoot him if he does not devour it with relish.

  3. Well, forget the PC aspects or even the dhimmi grovelling – since when are these soldiers not wearing helmets? Why are some allowed and others not?
    Is this discrimination or just a waste of taxpayer money – sending soldiers to war without the proper (protective) clothing and equipment?

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