8 thoughts on “Help Make This Vid Go Viral!”

  1. Brava! Very tiring and dreary to have to defend the beautiful Israel to the throwbacks of the arab world, so why bother?

  2. Great reasons, and yet when you deal with Jew Haters, no reasoning or historical facts make the slightest difference. That’s my experience. So maybe the best way to deal with them is to know the facts be very confident but cut to the chase and say, “Israel belongs to the Jews because G-d said so!”

  3. Not so much the throwbacks of the Arab world, Domus.

    We have to defend Israel against the poison propaganda that indoctrinates our people. People who are stupid enough to attack Jewish businesses in our cities, like the Max Brenner chocolate shops in Sydney and Melbourne.

  4. Super video! She’s right – we need to right them down and memorize the historical facts so that when we defend Israel (and sometimes it’s on the spur of the moment) we are articulate and therefore convincing. Many people who are brain washed in favour of the Palestinian cause will never be convinced, but others can be swayed by the truth.

  5. Domus,
    SY is correct – our real enemy is within us – and without their aid the islamists cannot accomplish anything.

  6. The right thing to do is always harder, but worth it.

    Even with all of this, theres another reason to defend Israel, to defeat the oic cartel.

    Israel’s oil reserves could put an end of all the terror and islamic bulshit.

  7. She should change the slogan to “Proud to be an Infidel” rather than just “Infidel”.

    I like “Manumission NOT Submission” and “Freedom NOT Islam”

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