Islamic Gestapo Applies Sharia: Drunk 'Revert' Gets 40 Lashes From 'Bearded Men' …. in Australia!

 You must have heard of the Muttaween, the religious policemen in Sowdi Barbaria who run around with clubs beating people into the ‘holy mosques’. In Iran you have these goons from the  Propagation of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice also. They are forcing women to adopt a  custom of covering themselves according to the  Qu’ran. If they fail to comply repeatedly, they get arrested by the ‘morality’ police and raped in prison.

Now we have them in Australia: A man who was allegedly held against his bed by four bearded attackers while he was whipped with a cord in Sydney’s west has said he was the victim of sharia law.  

Not to worry: we can all benefit from sharia:

The 31-year-old man said he was a recent convert to Wahhabism and had been punished by members of his congregation for drinking.  Police would not confirm whether the alleged attack in a Melton Street apartment in Silverwater was thought to involve sharia law. (More)

Australia: Muslims break into house of convert to Islam and give him 40 lashes for drinking

Note that Ahmed Kilami doesn’t deny that this is the Sharia punishment for those who drink alcohol. He just objects to the attackers’ taking the law into their own hands. The law is clear: once Muhammad flogged a man forty times for drinking alcohol. “Intruders whip Silverwater man, 31, for drinking,” from AAP, July 18 (thanks to JW):

A Sydney man who was held down on his bed and whipped up to 40 times by strangers had recently converted to Islam and was reportedly being punished for drinking.The 31-year-old was asleep in his apartment in Silverwater, in Sydney’s west, when he woke to find four bearded men in his bedroom about 1am (AEST) yesterday.

Three of the intruders restrained him on the bed while the fourth man used a cable to lash him 40 times.

The attack lasted about 30 minutes and left the man covered in welts, the Seven Network reported today.

The man reportedly told police he had only recently converted to Islam and that fundamental Wahabi Muslims were punishing him for having a few drinks with friends.

Members of Sydney’s Muslim community have condemned the attack.

“This criminal act has no place in Islam. As Australian Muslims we are required to follow Australian law, not take the law into our own individual hands,” Ahmed Kilami, from the Muslim Village, told the Seven Network.

“I hope these guys are caught and face the full force of the law.”  (which law? Sharia?)

The victim has moved out of his home but hopes what happens to him will not distort people’s view of his adopted religion, the network said.

Define “distort”.

But of course. To ‘distort’ Islam  would be the worst thing.

Lashed 40 times after bearded men appear in man’s bedroom  .  Read more: smh

14 thoughts on “Islamic Gestapo Applies Sharia: Drunk 'Revert' Gets 40 Lashes From 'Bearded Men' …. in Australia!”

  1. And so it begins in Australia. It is so frustrating to understand what the islamic population really wants and that our politicians, law makers, judiciary, media and other religions just seem to hide their heads in the sand on the issue. Our leaders are either arrogant (it wont happen to us) or ignorant (islam is a religion of peace) or they are traitors who are handing real Australians over to islam. I love how the islamic community is distancing themselves from this punishment but anyone who has done some research knows that this is taqyya and that the reality is that the islamic community (in their hearts) agrees with this form of punishment. I am aghast at what is happening in England with the islamic community claiming suburbs as their own with religious police to enforce sharia and if real Australians do not stand up and condemn islam and all it stands for then we are lost and my Great Grand Daughters will be slaves to a 7th century barbaric cult. God Help Australia

  2. I would have hoped it was just his drinking mates beating some sense into him for mixing it with the emissaries of Satan.

  3. I lol’d so hard when I heard this today.. Convert, oh well dance with the devil sooner or later the musics going to stop.

    Sucker got what he deserved, might not be so fortunate next time. Let this be a warning to all other hopeful converts. Idiots they are.

  4. …… Back about sadist and sly lawyer, Stephen Hopper. No, it was Carnitta Matthews who created the media attentions with the help from Islamic terrorist Mamdouh Habib and his wife, Maha who have an Investigation License. Mamdouh and Maha attended the Police Station to supported Carnitta Matthews with her statement that the NSW Police officer abused her. Her statement was also signed by JP witness from local mosque. Later in Court, her statement is found to be false due to the in-car police video evidence. Carnitta then claimed she never signed this statement, and it must be from other person who wore burqa. Mambouh Habib said it was Carnitta who signed her statement. So it was Carnitta and Stephen Hopper who let their emotions run away from justice and there’s so much more reasons why Stephen Hopper is full of BULLSHIT. He reminds me of The Devil’s Advocate movie.

  5. Nice new mates this guy had, looks like the police had a rough day investigating them as well, encounter with 16 year old below, not on the ABC though!

    Officers searched another home in Auburn, where they were allegedly assaulted by a 16-year-old boy.

    He was arrested and charged with assault and resisting and hindering officers, and will appear in Parramatta Children’s Court in August.

    Read more:

  6. Steven, “Her statement was also signed by JP witness from local mosque”

    Ok, so the lawyers one of the bad ones, but what kind of idiot was the judge? Did they not pull this JP into court?

  7. Find the thugs that did this and execute them. There is no other solution because these thugs are just going to make life miserable for other muslims and on-muslims alike. TERMINATE!!!

  8. Find the thugs that did this and execute them. There is no other solution because these thugs are just going to make life miserable for other muslims and non-muslims alike. TERMINATE!!!

  9. Cassandra and folks.
    As usual, when dealing with mohammedans expect dishonesty and abuse of all laws and convenient interpretations of their own. It transpires that the sub-intelligent convert may have been assaulted because he had a bad money debt with one of the mosque thugs who get sexual arousal by tying people down and belting them. This is actually very significant, because the MOHAMMEDANS USED THE OPEN INTERPRETATIONS OF SHARIA TO JUSTIFY CRIMINAL ACTION AGAINST ANOTHER PERSON FOR PERSONAL GAIN. This is simply proof that sharia was easily used as an effective weapon against others to settle a PERSONNEL score. And the victim was a muslim. Image the problems a non-muslim person would have particularly since non-muslims are considered not human under legitimate interpretations of sharia. Giving a dishonest pack of islamic liars a lever in our legal systems is highly stupid and dangerous.

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