Its a Family Affair!

The right man for the job: Straight from the asylum:

(News & Views from Norway/thanks to coffee)

Øystein Mæland, tapped late last week to be Norway’s new chief of police, is a psychiatrist and Labour Party veteran who’s held a long list of leadership roles both in and out of politics. He’s also married to a man and the couple is expecting their second child this fall, with the help of a surrogate mother in California.

Not exactly the most conventional choice to lead 12,000 police officers nationwide, but Mæland has the support of the police officers’ union and a proven track record of tackling difficult tasks.

He has, for example, been a state secretary in the Justice Ministry, a member of the Oslo City Council and handled tough immigration issues in the 1990s. The 51-year-old doctor most recently has headed the main psychiatric clinic at Norway’s largest hospital, UllevÃ¥l in Oslo. In addition to finishing medical school, he studied criminology as an undergraduate and worked as a doctor at one of Norway’s biggest prisons.

“There hasn’t been any political management of this process at all. But Norway is a small country and folks know one another.” (source)

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  1. Bizarre. Maybe an insight into the lunatic asylum that Norway has obviously become…

  2. At least he has an education – that doesn’t go for most american “experts”.

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