9 thoughts on “Michael Coren of SunTV Interviews Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch On Norway – Blame America!”

  1. I just finished watching this program on Sun News tonight and Robert Spencer was awesome and so was Michael Corin. I hope we get to hear more from Spencer as I don’t think many Canadians know about him or his website “Jihad Watch”.

  2. Sheik – I need to know whom this idiot “been” is. I would like to know which particular organisations will ban Robert Spencer on the behest of an idiot – and all emails from “been” suggest we have a left-wing fruitcake. What Spencer say is correct – and I didn’t need Spencer’s opinion for confirmation – there will be an all-out attack on our rights to express our concerns and we need to work to shit the activities of “been” down immediately. So – who is this jerk “been”.

  3. Yes that’s right been silence the critics off to the gulag..

    Ahh love those weird Watermelons, green on the outside but sure as hell red on the inside.

  4. I don’t think that just blocking him is required. Can you post his IP – my problem is that I think we have someone in “been” who is willing to subvert the law to achieve his aims – and “been” needs to be placed under observation.

  5. The NY Nazi Times is owned and run by a family of Judenrauts. They even pampered Hitler during the 30’s leading up to WWII.

    The New York Nazi Times are a far-left-wing anti-Semitic news source published by self-loathing Jews and now, including Muslim reporters, and they should be boycotted. Unfortunately they do have quite a leftist following.

  6. The New York Times supports Obamanoid and all things Leftarded.
    It will be ranting against all contenders for Obamanoid’s throne.
    It headlined that the Norway killer is a “Christian Extremist.” What rot amd balderdash !!!

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