Screwed by a plummer

The Tax We Had To Have

Power makes him happy:

The new civility comes with a tax for breathing

Ever tried reasoning with a Fabian Socialist?

“A fight to the death in the arena of public opinion” … Prime Minister Julia Gillard turns her back on Opposition Leader Tony Abbott on 7 July 2011

Sergio Redegalli put up another mural today. Lets see if it lasts through the night. If you don’t know what BDS means, check it out here:

I think we should support Pali Queers as much as they support us. What say you?

Green tax in pocket, the Government spends, spends, spends

Andrew Bolt update:

With all these exclusions and these giveaways, this carbon dioxide tax increasingly seems to be a mere revenue raiser for a government out to redistribute wealth:

PRIME Minister Julia Gillard will use today’s carbon scheme launch to unveil sweeping reform of personal income tax, tripling the tax-free threshold to let most Australians keep at least the first $18,000 they earn each year.

The Sunday Age can also reveal that fuel for heavy vehicles outside the mining sector will not be subject to the carbon tax, helping to explain why Treasury modelling tips food prices to rise by just 80¢ a week….

Overall the scheme is expected to cost consumers a little under $10 a week or $520 a year – including $3.30 a week more for electricity and $1.50 for gas…

Labor wants to reframe the debate on the carbon tax by entwining it with personal income tax reform based on key elements of the blueprint authored by former Treasury secretary Ken Henry last year.

So huge sources of carbon dioxide such as farming, petrol and many heavy vehicles are excluded. Big emitters get compensated. Lots of people are given more money to buy more stuff, like electricity.

Something doesn’t compute, if this really is about stopping apocalyptic global warming.

Still it will at least make it likelier that we run out of electricity:

The Sunday Age understands that Treasury modelling also predicts the scheme will begin to drive dramatic changes in the electricity-generation sector – forecasting that it will not be commercially viable for any new coal-fired plants to be built in Australia.

Small detail, that.

Then there are those other small little sacrifices -small, for the rest of us, that is:

IT is the town that “built Sydney”, supplying cement for the Harbour Bridge and other landmarks, but Kandos in the state’s central west is the first casualty of the carbon tax.
The town’s cement plant will close in four months after Cement Australia said the carbon tax would exacerbate pressures on the business.

Some of almost 100 workers to lose their jobs have family links with the mill spanning almost a century, with their fathers and grandfathers working there before them.

Another small detail:

It was also revealed the scheme will likely cost about $4 billion more than it raises from tax receipts in its the first four years.


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  1. Seems as though Julia Gillard is a female version of Barack Hussein Obama. She’s dismantling the Aussie economy, just as Hussein is dismantling ours.

    On purpose.

  2. Carbon Sunday

    Andrew Bolt – Sunday, July 10, 11 (11:36 am)

    Vent here while venting is still legal.

    The Climate Change Committee deal here.


    Some initial, quick thoughts:

    – $4.3 billion over four years is going to be spent above what the tax raises to buy off the public with tax cuts and handouts. That’s one wild way to sell a tax, spending more than it raises.

    – the compensation must soon run out if the Government doesn’t want to broke. The deal says that after three years, companies can buy offsets overseas for up to half their emissions. This means that costs here will rise, but the revenue to compensate for these rises is sent overseas.

    – The Government claims this package will reduce emissions by 160 millions tonnes by 2020. But the immediate tax and spending levels cannot do that. This target can be achieved only with a dramatic raising of the tax. No figure is given for how much of our emissions will be cut by the tax as it.

    – The Government refuses to nominate employment effects on the specific industries involved.

    – No figure is given for what effect this will have on the world’s temperature.

    – Julia Gillard cites in her support Margaret Thatcher, who indeed did warn in 1988 that we should worry about global warming. What Gillard fails to add was that by 2002, Thatcher had developed second thoughts about the alarmists, writing that global warming “provides a marvelous excuse for worldwide, supra-national socialism”.

    – The Government is spending $2.7 billion extra over the next financial year alone – before the tax even gets imposed – to buy support throught tax cuts and handouts.

    – It’s a magic tax:

    Cost increases: Households to see average cost increases of $9.90 a week. However, they will also receive assistance of $10.10 a week on average.

    – Gillard announces also she’ll buy out a 2000 Megawatt power station over the next decade at a price not revealed. That’s billions to actually reduce our power supplies, not increase them.


    Ludicrous, and all to merely pretend to change a temperature:

    HOUSEHOLDS will be given nearly $1.5 billion in cash handouts before a carbon tax is even introduced as the Gillard government tries to sweeten the impact of Australia’s biggest economic transformation since the introduction of the GST.

    They’ll also get tax cuts – worth $300 a year to most families earning under $80,000.

    But households’ costs of living will jump by about $10 a week, with electricity prices rising by an estimated 10 per cent or $3.30 a week.

    The cost of air travel will also rise, with aviation fuel to be subject to the full impact of a $23 a tonne carbon price.

    In a move to protect critical industries, the coal and steel sectors will receive $1.6 billion in special assistance, on top of free pollution permits.

    How desperate are these people? Here’s the Treasurer:

    “The reforms have a net cost of $4.3 billion over the next four years, but the bulk of this, $2.9 billion, is in the first year as you would expect with a reform of this magnitude,’’ he said.

  3. Yeah, I watched that show, Sheik…un-friggin’-believable…

    And in case you haven’t heard (or did hear and I’m just repeating it), this Bob Brown is the same Bob Brown that said that a ‘One World Government’ (or something similar) would be a good idea…

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