"The reason for the Norway terror attacks: fighting the Muslim invasion, that's what people don't want you to know."

Censorship vs Freedom Fighters

The criminal loons who caused the multicultural disaster that turned Europe into EUrabia cannot face the music. The now obvious full-blown Islamization in Europe cannot, and will not be acknowledged by these headless apparatchiks and fools for the world, who now resort to ever more censorship, vilification and criminalization against those who are brave enough to tell the truth about Islam, the motivation behind Muslim terrorists and the threat to free people everywhere.  And for that, they are branding us “racist, Islamophoic, bigots,  and purveyors of “hate speech.”  The calls are to silence us.

Subversion of Western Cultures by Muslim Invaders

A MEMBER of the Front National has been suspended for defending the work of the Oslo attacker, who killed 76 people on Friday.  (source)

Jacques Coutela, who represented the far-right party in local elections in the Yonne earlier this year, wrote a blog post describing Anders Behring Breivik as “an icon” and a “defender of the west”.

The post, which has since been deleted, said:

“The reason for the Norway terror attacks: fighting the Muslim invasion, that’s what people don’t want you to know.”

Anti-racism movement MRAP has filed a complaint against Mr Coutela for inciting racial hatred.

Islam is not a race. Islam is an ideology. This falsehood, perpetuated by weak gov’t stooges and a complicit media,  must not be allowed to stifle free speech.

However, FN leader Marine Le Pen has accused MRAP of “taking advantage of a terrible event” to target her party.

She said: “The Front National of course has nothing to do to the Norwegian slaughter, which is the work of a lone lunatic who must be ruthlessly punished.”

Another Front National member, Laurent Ozon, posted comments on Twitter this weekend linking the attacks to a rise in immigration in Norway.

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5 thoughts on “"The reason for the Norway terror attacks: fighting the Muslim invasion, that's what people don't want you to know."”

  1. Harlem Désir, General Secretary of PS, French socialists, suggests that The Popular Right be dissolved, to avoid extreme right opinions, and “play with the worst of ideas”

    like, “the fear of foreigners, the fear of islam, organizing sausage and red wine, even in the middle of the Parliament”

    – How can a member of one party demand a dissolution of another political group!? Is this any of his business? Democracy?Dhimmocrazy?

    To be verified – “prison, amende, 18 mois” (months)
    It may seem that this Harlem, had an urging desire to grab too much of taxpayers’ money and put in his own pockets, receiving social support he wasn’t entitled to, and was condemned to prison for this in 1998

    During 1986-1987, when he was the leader of SOS Racism, he seems to have been, at the same time, receiving a salary for a fictitious job at the “Regional Association for education of migrants”

    How can you represent a major party with that kind of criminal background? Is it OK just because he’s a socialist, has charisma and looks the way he does?


  2. Sheik,
    From where is “been” posting. If you are not able to post this for legal reason please inform.

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