They did a bad bad thing….


Pro-Palestinian, French Flotilla Activists Escape Greek Waters, Head to Gaza Strip

“It’s a terrible, terrible thing that the government of Greece has done.”

Boat People

O’PUTZ 2012:

American Jews STILL back Obama

Like turkey’s voting for thanksgiving

Still more hubris from the Manchurian Moonbat at a fundraiser in Philly: Moonbat Messiah Thinks He Has 5 1/2 Years to Go (Moonbattery)

PRINCETON, NJ — Jewish Americans gave President Barack Obama a 60% job approval rating in June, down from 68% in May, but statistically unchanged from 64% in April.

Where O’turd Goes, EUSSR Follows:

“We are always open to dialogue with anyone who is interested in democracy,” 

The Muslim Brotherhood, our new friends

Obama Regime Begins to Formalize Ties With Muslim Brotherhood Maniacs

CAIRO – Following the footsteps of their American allies, the European Union is not ruling out holding official contacts with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, Al-Ahram Online reported.

Why Russia?

Russia to Offer Much-Needed U.N. Support for Pali State(-let)

“our plan to go to the United Nations will get support from Russia” (Read More »)

No (black) race huckster to see here:

America is Racist & Hostile: Desperate New Black Panther Leader Goes Off on Russia Today:

What a Fear Mongering, White Supremacist, False Prophet Glenn Beck Will Be Without Fox and Then Begs Him For a Debate….

Repent, or else: