Totally Unhinged

Jiziya for Morocco? WTF?

Tingles Watch
Just Another (Muslim) Rapist
Obamster sez America wants higher taxes:
Sheila Jackson Lee: GOP Complicating Debt Debate Because Obama is Black  (She says Obama is treated “disrespectfully…”)
The Revolving Doors of UK Prisons
Education is a blast in Bima town, Indonesia: 
Bobby Brown & your Newspapers
The Profits of Doom

That’s another 23,000 people with a vested interest in keeping the global warming scare going:

The number of public servants employed by the federal, state and territory environment departments has risen to 23,466, as green agencies recruit new staff at the rate of 1000 a year.

“Terrified” Hucksters
JessieJacksonDemocrats Claim GOP Conspiracy: Showing Photo ID at Polls Keeps Poor, Minorities From Voting  (source)

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  1. She’s a good example of a racist who isn’t white ( despite what the toronto school board teaches). And there are many, many more where that one came from. Just witness the wildings & group attacks on non-whites taking place in the US on almost a daily basis…..spit.

  2. should be: Just witness the wildings & group attacks on whites taking place……

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