Why is Martin Brennan in Detention?

Persecution of Anti-Jihadists DownUnder

What happened to Joseph Adams after he lost his job?  All he did is post  violent Quranic verses and duly called Muhammad “the first terrorist in the name of Islam” on his Facebook page.

Krudded & Gillarded

Martin Brennan is a Counterjihad volunteer who has been active in the Australian Defence League and other organizations Down Under. He is a British citizen — he was born in England — and not a native Australian.  Mr Martin Brennan was (conveniently)  detained by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship on 19 July 2011 on grounds that he had no valid visa.
Police and protesters clash at Federation Square, May 15, 2011

Just in from a reader:

Yes, this is pretty nasty. Keep in mind he’s being held in Maribyrnong, amongst 99 friendly headbangers. They only serve halal in there and he had to make a big fuss to get western food. He’s ex british army and has a fair bit of experience on how to deal with Abdullah.

All this was kept under wraps until his share-mates were informed by their migration agents about who  that silly Brit is sharing their resort.

But now that even Australia’s own Islamonutter Shanon Conlon (aka Ibrahim Siddiq Conlon) has
informed him that he will instruct his brethren in dentition to kill him, he’s decided to go public. There are some here in Melbourne who visited him in detention.

What a perverted system this is. Queue jumping ratbags coming without any paperwork are allowed to wait in the community until their PR is being written out, and a Brit who’s too busy
working and forgot to update the department on his new address is incarcerated on false interpretation  of the act. Of course they wouldn’t send an email or pick up the phone to enquire on the new address.  I’m sure our enemies are getting a good snigger out of that.

Thanks to the GoV for alerting us to this assault on free speech!

At dawn on the 19th of July he was arrested by the police and immigration at his place of residence. The authorities claimed he was an unlawful citizen of Australia, and said they cancelled his status because he failed to fill out all the paperwork that was required for residency.

An anti-sharia demo is coming up this weekend in Sydney, but that, of course, had nothing to do with the timing of his arrest…

Mr. Brennan is still in detention, at one of the locations where asylum-seeking boat people are held. Today he sent out the following message to his friends and supporters in Australia. The “serving of certain foods” mentioned by his lawyer refers to the fact that he was given a choice between halal and vegetarian — in other words, no food fit for a normal Australian:

Hello to all you great people out there who have supported me during this difficult time.

Just to let you know, I am still being detained UNLAWFULLY by the Australian Immigration department.

Below is a media release from my lawyer, Robert Balzola. He is one of the finest in the business, and if it wasn’t for this gentleman I would be back in England by now.

Media Release

  • Mr Martin Brennan was detained by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship on 19 July 2011 on grounds that he had no valid visa, had allegedly breached conditions on visa and general alleged non compliance with the Migration Act of Australia.
  • On 25 July 2011 Mr Brennan applied for a bridging visa on grounds that he is eligible to apply for a further spouse visa upon release from Maribyrnong Immigration Detention Centre where Mr Brennan is presently detained.
  • Mr Brennan is a British citizen.
  • On 26 July 2011 Mr Brennan was refused his bridging visa on grounds that “Schedule 1 Item 1214C(3)(h)(ii) provides that where s48 of the Act applies to an applicant (the statutory bar provision), they are ineligible to make a valid application if they have had a Partner class visa refused since they last entered Australia”.
  • Mr Brennan did apply for a spouse visa on 4 November 2008 which was refused on 17 March 2010. Mr Brennan says that this occurred when correspondence was sent to an address in which he has recently moved. Mr Brennan says that he had also provided E-mail and telephone numbers to the Department for contact. Mr Brennan says no alternative contact was made.
  • On 26 July 2011 solicitor for Mr Brennan, Robert Balzola did notify the Department that the basis for the bridging visa refusal, being Item 1214C(3)(h)(ii) has been removed by Statutory Legislative Instrument SLI No. 105 of 2011 effective 1 July 2011. Mr Balzola further advised that the effect of SLI 105 is to remove Schedule 1 Item 1214C(3)(h) in its entirety. Mr Balzola further noted for this reasons that the bridging visa refusal was made in administrative error as the provision relied upon by the Department did not exist at time of decision.
  • On 26 July 2011 the Department wrote back to Mr Balzola, simply asserting: “I can advise the decision to refuse your client the Bridging Visa E (BVE) will not be revisited on this occasion. If you believe there is a jurisdictional error in this case you are entitled to seek review of this decision at the Migration Review Tribunal”.
  • On 27 July 2011 Mr Balzola wrote to the Department in reply, seeking reasons for the decision under s.13 of the Administrative Decisions Judicial Review Act.
  • Today, the Department notified Mr Balzola that this matter was now with the Department’s Legal Branch for consideration.
  • Also today, Mr Balzola has brought this matter to the attention of the Minister for Immigration and Citizenship for resolution.
  • It is the intention of the applicant to seek the original decision be vacated being fundamentally flawed at law.
  • Mr Brennan has further complained with full justification against his mistreatment against his medical condition and the serving of certain foods.

More from Martin Brennan:

Now to explain this in more simple terms, the Australian Immigration Department (DIAC) have slapped a statutory 8 bar on me which is item 1214c(3) (h) (ii). This prevents me from making an application for a bridging visa; or any visa for this matter.

This legislation was cancelled on the 1st of July 2011. I have been informed by my lawyer that as I am of good character, I would not be refused a bridging visa, so as they are detaining me now under legislation that doesn’t exist any more. I am being held in detention UNLAWFULLY.

This is the protest that was attacked by heavy moonbattery in cahoots with Muselmaniacs, while the police stood by doing nothing……

Here’s the  venom from the “Muslim Village” idiots who would like to see anyone opposing Islam murdered:

 “The EDL are a far-right neo-Nazi racist terror group that draws its support from mainly football hooligans.”

“He  (Martin Brennan) claims he has served ten years in the British Army, and served in Afghanistan. Apparently killing Muslims there hasn’t quenched his thirst, he is looking to create a war zone here too….”

Just in case they might take some stuff out, here’s the lot:

Posted 22 June 2011 – 02:28 PM

A news story was run yesterday about ministers befriending an anti-Muslim page on Facebook. The profile that was shown is in fact a person not a page and is a member of the so-called Australian Defence League, which you can see from the screenshot below, which shows them posting on the Australian Defence League facebook page.


The Australian Defence League (aka ADL) are linked to and wish to emulate the English Defence League in the UK (their name is inspired by the Jewish Defence League and are also tied to them, they have an EDL Jewish Division run by a Jewish Brazilian born Roberta Moore).

The EDL are a far-right neo-Nazi racist terror group that draws its support from mainly football hooligans. They march through towns and cities leaving behind them a wake of destruction. Most of their founding leaders have either been jailed for downloading child pornography or charged with assault. Their ‘leader’ Stephen Yaxley-Lennon aka Tommy Robinson, has recently been charged over two counts of assault on Asian men and has been banned from participating in any EDL demos or online activities, and has already breached those bail conditions.

You can YouTube ‘EDL English Defence League’ to see what they are all about and what they are doing to the Muslims in the UK.

The Australian ‘Defence’ League which held an anti-Islam protest in Melbourne’s Federation Square on May 15th and planning on holding another in Sydney on July 30th, planned to defile Islamic symbols to provoke a reaction out of the Muslims and are planning to defile them again in their next rally.


A group of around 20-30 people showed up but were pushed out of the Square by anti-racist protesters.

The Australian ‘ADL’ are trying to establish their own group in Australia and create the same environment of hate against the Muslims. They have a Facebook group, link here, http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=…71790166178179

(I’ve posted all images of comments down the bottom of this page)

At any given time of the day, you will see threats being posted against the Muslim community, comments from members and admins rousing each other to prepare for a ‘war’ with the Muslims, giving advice to work out at the gym to ‘get big’ to confront Muslims in their suburbs, towns and mosques, advocating genocide, preparations to carry weapons at their next protest in Sydney, plans to carry out provocative actions such as ripping out pages of the Qur’an or carrying water pistols filled with pig urine and blood to start a riot.

Their leader, Martin Brennan, is an English immigrant of seven or eight years. He was sent by his masters from the UK to take over the leadership of the ADL and use the same tactics the EDL do, here in Australia. You can view his comments on the ADL and English Defence League facebook pages, they are closely working together to create a war zone in Australia.

He claims he has served ten years in the British Army, and served in Afghanistan. Apparently killing Muslims there hasn’t quenched his thirst, he is looking to create a war zone here too, calling for a civil war in several of his online posts.

I’ve taken some screen shots of his and other comments to make clear what they’re intentions and plans are for the Muslims of Australia. They aren’t simply looking just to protest in the city or wherever protests are normally held just for the sake of media attention, but are actively trying to recruit as many like minded people to amass an ‘army’ that would eventually come into largely Muslim neighbourhoods to protest and confront Muslims with violence at Mosques and Islamic centres and so on. This isn’t a fairytale. It’s already happening in the UK and in other, mostly European nations. The videos are all over YouTube. You can go into their discussion forums and Facebook sites and research for your own self.

The ADL are still a small number. They are plagued from time to time with infighting and leadership changes, and most members are upset that a ‘Pom’ is leading them. They could only come up with 20-30 people in Melbourne, but with the Englishman’s tactics of fear mongering, and recent current affairs programs showing interviews with brothers who lack hind sight, declaring that Australia should become an Islamic state, and also with the recent niqabi woman’s fine fiasco, it wouldn’t be hard to gather a couple hundred or a thousand of these bogans to go around terrorising Muslims. They also have a bit of support from the Coptic community.

Martin Brennan is planning on flying back to the UK during Ramadan for the sole purpose of participating in the EDL’s most audacious protest yet, which is going to be on the 27th of August in Tower Hamlets, an area where thousands of Muslims will be gathered, and with it being the night worshipers are usually out in their thousands at the Mosques, it could prove to be an explosive and very dangerous night and Martin is all too excited to participate, happy to see a civil war break out in England.

On their May 15th protest in Melbourne, one of their members was recorded taking out the Islamic flag and preparing to do something to it, maybe burn or step on it. You can view the video here http://www.youtube.c…h?v=UZrwSYJyF3k

Forward to around 3 minutes 4 seconds.

Video grab:

A NON-MUSLIM anti-racist protester confronted the dog, and saved the flag.

Now the ADL are planning another protest, this time in Sydney on July 30th, the venue is yet to be confirmed. Here is the notice for the protest on facebook, they have several members and ‘leaders’ calling to use actions that would provoke anyone counter-demonstrating; http://www.facebook….104121943010740

I’m not sure how many of these ADL scum will be there, it could be close to a hundred or it could be a small pathetic number like what happened in Melbourne. I know that the Coptics are giving them words of support and they recently protested in Martin Place against Islamic influence in Egypt, but I’m not sure if they will be there with them.

It’s better and more useful to meet a problem in time than to seek a remedy after the damage is done, like the saying goes, prevention is better than cure, and I think it’s important we, as Muslims, show our presence peacefully so that they know any demonstrations they plan will be met by a greater force. In their discussion forums, they’re still licking their wounds and crying over what happened in Melbourne, with them being outnumbered 10 to 1.

They’re actually describing their July protest as walking into the Islamic Lion’s Den… Wallahi if they see no opposition and witness the cowardice from the Muslims, then their next protest will be outside our mosques, (which they clearly have stated is their objective, and which they currently doing to the Muslims in the UK) blasting their Kufr from loudspeakers while we pray, as other groups which are linked to them are doing to the Muslims in Bulgaria and elsewhere…



Comments referring to preparations for violence for the Sydney July 30th protest, advocating murder of Muslims, racism, and execution of Julia Gillard;


One of the ADL Facebook admins clearly setting out the desired intentions of this group, members talking about carrying water pistols filled with pig urine/blood, members talking about ripping pages out of the Qur’an at the upcoming protest;


Leader of the Australian ‘Defence’ League, Martin Brennan, on his past, upcoming protest in the UK, racism against Arabs and Pakistanis, civil war, although an immigrant himself, he advocates sending back immigrants on a leaky boat, new facebook profile picture of pig carrying a Qur’an;


An ADL Member, dressed as a Muslim woman, at the Melbourne protest flashing Nazi salutes to the protesters, also punching an anti-racist protester… can be viewed in the Youtube video posted above;


More photos from the protest can be found here: http://www.facebook….hield?sk=photos

I will be sending this and the screen shots to all news agencies that ran the story about the ministers and the anti-Islam profile. Can I ask other members do the same please? 

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  1. What a crock, you are all being sucked in. Read the man’s statement. It was his fault, he didn’t renew his visa. He had 2 years from the time his visa ran out to renew it.
    In the past there has been are a lot of Poms come to Australia and over stay their visa and eventually get caught.
    One more argument I put forward, If Martin Brennan was to take on in a foreign country activism, which I support him doing, wouldn’t it be expected that he make sure his credentials were up to date.

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