Arid Uka is soooo sorry now…

He’s a victim of the global jihad, a Hollywood movie made him do it!


Strange how quiet the media is in this case! Arid Uka clearly states that Brian de Palma’s America hatin’ Turkish financed Hollyweird flick made him kill unsuspecting American airmen on their way home. In the case of Anders Breivik the enemedia went all over Robert Spencer, Fjordman, the Gates of Vienna and many other counter-jihad activists. In this case, where the evidence is overwhelming and  de Palma should be in the dock for incitement, the enemedia is remarkably silent. Doublestandards anyone?

Kosovan jihadist confesses to shooting U.S. airmen in Germany

“I had to do something, I had these pictures in my head” …

FRANKFURT (Reuters) – A 21-year-old Kosovo Albanian man confessed to shooting dead two U.S. airmen and wounding two more at Frankfurt airport in March, telling a packed German courtroom Wednesday he was swayed by Islamist lies and could not undo what he had done.

Arid Uka, who entered the wood-panelled court for the start of his trial in a knee-length white shirt, was charged with two counts of murder and three of attempted murder. He could face a life sentence.

Pausing to wipe his eyes, Uka told the court he felt he had to act after he was shocked by a video the night before the attack that appeared to show U.S. soldiers raping Muslim women.

“I had to do something, I had these pictures in my head,” he said in halting but good German. Although Uka was born in Kosovo, he went to school in Frankfurt. He said he had discussed religion and politics with an American friend.

Uka said, however, he had been influenced by lies and propaganda and showed some remorse. “Looking back, I don’t understand myself.” At times he spoke so quietly an extra microphone had to be brought in.

Uka, working at the airport’s international postal centre when he fired on the airmen at point-blank range with a 9mm pistol, said some people viewed his actions as good but they were subject to the same “lies and propaganda that blinded me.”

The attack shocked U.S. citizens and U.S. President Barack Obama expressed outrage. German prosecutors believe Uka acted alone but he refused to tell the judge where he obtained the pistol.

Security was tight at the court in the western city of Frankfurt with police officers on standby around the entrance as crowds of people queued to enter the building.   Continued…

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  1. Of course he is a “victim”, or our stupid politicians wouldn’t be wasting time and money obsessing over “vulnerable young muslims” hearing the “wrong message” and going inner-struggle as a result.

  2. Perhaps the consequences of islamic inbreeding are starting to show. I hope no one takes the defence arguments of this terrorist seriously.

  3. @KAW, STARTING to show? lmao !! What else can explain their bizarre mass hysterical, and total mob mentality. Every time I read about another Egyptian slaughter of COPTS it’s the same thing…IT STARTED with a rumor. Over and over. A rumor that construction workers found a violated Qu’ran at the church, a rumor that they are holding women against their will who converted or wanted to convert to Islam (never mind the fact that they routinely kidnap christian girls, every single day, for forced marriage and forced conversion to islam. Never mind that one 12 year old escapee said she as held for a month and gang raped by at least 50 men. Never mind the fact that one of the women they said was being held against their will was the WIFE of a priest who had been kidnapped, raped, and hurriedly married to a muslim man before returning her to her husband.

    Another thing about their inbreeding is how they hide and lie about the results of it. What was it like 68 or 78% of all new birth defects in England come from the Paki community? I see the videos where they blame the doctors, the doctors are doing something. Blind, deaf, retarded, can’t walk, can’t breath. There are birth defects you’ve never even heard of, so heinous they have 100% mortality rate.

    I found this one picture of one of the genetic mutants. There had previously only been 24 known cases on earth. All (except one in Norway I think) were born in Turkey and Pakistan. So this doctor went to Pakistan to do some research and found out there were a whole lot more. One woman gave birth to this ‘thing’ and told her it was the FOURTH ONE she’d had. They were straight 3rd generation inbreeding. Turned out several of the women giving birth to these things had already had 1 to 4 prior. All parents were related, etc. These babies are like missing arm bones, heart problems, kidneys deformed, legs, bones in hands and feet. I mean totally problems in every area of their body.

    The funniest part of this (yeah there IS a funny part) I downloaded that image and all the information I could find on the genetic syndrome. Afterwards, I saw that same picture being used as an example of a FALLUJAH depleted uranium baby HAHAHA !! See how they fucking lie? OK now we have some ‘ammunition’ photos for our depleted uranium claims.

    I go to the DU Website, watch DU baby videos, and except ONE case, I can prove every single photo they are using is fake. Radiation does not cause Harlequin Icthyosis. They used photos of thalidomide babies, including one that was taken in 1960 and is very well known. They just went online and tried to find the grossest looking deformities and then claim radiation caused them. TOO stupid to even go back and steal pictures of children born after Chernobyl, who actually had radiation deformities.

    I assume they usually just kill the horrible genetic mutated offspring, although I know some get locked in basements.

  4. Agree RO. It is also cultural – and mohammedans have never been able to accept responsibility for their actions – all is diluted with the BS argument ” I murdered so God must have willed it” – flawed circular logic!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Kosovo Muslim Arid Uka told the court he shot dead two US soldiers (and wounded two others) at Frankfurt airport because he had been “radicalised by jihadist propaganda videos” he watched online.

    The Kosovan Muslim was inspired by a devout German Muslim to jihad. Countries, borders, nationalities are irrelevant — it’s an ideological war. Objective? The universal caliphate.

    German Officials Alarmed by Ex-Rapper’s New Message: Jihad NY Times

    BERLIN — The man German security officials call a major security risk looks like a figure from a rap video, especially with the tattoos on his hands. The right one says “STR8,” and the left one “Thug.”

    “This is from the days when I lived the life of an unbeliever,” said the man, Denis Mamadou Cuspert, as he clenched his fists and looked at the tattoos. “Allah will erase them from me one day.”

    Mr. Cuspert, once a popular rapper in Germany, today is one of the best-known singers of nasheeds, or Islamic devotional music, in German. Security officials say, though, that he is an influential figure who incites violence and unrest through inflammatory videos and fiery speeches that praise terrorists and attack the West.

    German authorities say people like him inspired the fatal shootings of two American airmen at the Frankfurt airport in March. The 21-year-old man accused of the killings, Arid Uka, whose trial began in Frankfurt on Wednesday, has said he opened fire on a busload of American service members after seeing a video that claimed to show Muslim women being raped by men in United States military uniforms. American officials have said the video — which Mr. Cuspert acknowledged posting on his Facebook page, and which Mr. Uka copied — was staged by militants.

    Mr. Uka said he was listening on his iPod to nasheeds calling for opposition against occupation forces and the West as he traveled to the airport just before the shootings. “It made me really angry,” Mr. Uka told the judge on Wednesday, referring to the songs’ lyrics. During a tearful confession, he said that Islam had given him strength after a period of depression, but that he now realized that “I have damaged my faith.”

    German terrorism investigators see Mr. Cuspert, 35, as a threat who provokes young people angered by what they see as a Western campaign against Islam; some even likened him to Anwar al-Awlaki, the American-born preacher now in hiding in Yemen who is also accused of promoting violence through speeches and videos.

    “After establishing rapport through music, he introduced radical ideology to an audience already receptive to him,” said Raphael F. Perl, who runs the antiterrorism unit for the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe.

    In an interview at a mosque here, Mr. Cuspert denied any direct connection to Mr. Uka, though he said he supported his actions. “The brother hasn’t killed civilians,” he said. “He has killed soldiers who had been on their way to kill Muslims.”

    That is similar to the message in videos posted on YouTube and jihadi Web sites that have made Mr. Cuspert popular among Al Qaeda supporters in Europe and elsewhere. As evidence of his reach, a man who goes by the name Abu Bilal in the tribal areas in the Afghanistan-Pakistan border region said of Mr. Cuspert: “The brother’s voice has reached the hearts of many people here, too.”

    Mr. Cuspert gives speeches all over Germany, and young people are drawn to elements of his personal story, including his membership in Berlin street gangs — he said he used to be a “real bad boy” — and the notion that he finally found the “right way.”

    Mr. Cuspert says that Shariah, the legal code of Islam based on the Koran, permits self-defense. “My duty is to use my voice for telling people the truth, and the truth is, jihad is a duty,” he said.


    At the end of June, Mr. Cuspert recorded a nasheed that praised Al Qaeda’s late leader, Osama bin Laden. “Your name flows in our blood,” he sings.

    “I have sworn allegiance to Mullah Muhammad Omar, emir of the Taliban,” he said in the interview, smiling. “He is one of the greatest men.”

    In his speeches, Mr. Cuspert has expressed outrage over United States drone strikes in Pakistan’s tribal areas, Yemen and Somalia, and has said that his biggest wish right now is the death of President Obama, who he said was an enemy of Islam.

    Or, his faith damaged him.

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