The Support Industry is sucking our lifeblood:

All that money, straight from taxpayers to lawyers, thanks to Labor’s bungling:

MORE than $20 million has been spent on legal fees for asylum seekers in the past year, with the cost expected to hit $26 million in 2012.  We could have sent it overseas as aid, instead  (Bolt)

Gillard’s $650 billion giveaway

The Gillard Government can’t possibly be serious:

AUSTRALIAN businesses and households will have to send about $650 billion overseas between 2020 and 2050 to buy permission to keep some of our coal-fired power stations and other industries operating. (I’d rather give my money to a Nigerian princess)

And then the records went missing:
Cory Bernardi & the Halal Racket
Senator Bernardi said he wanted labels on packaging to explain whether meat had been slaughtered according to rituals and whether stun guns were used.   (Herald Sun)
Stop Aussies from swearing? Don’t hold your breath:

2 thoughts on “Australia”

  1. The anti-swearing ads reminded me of when one of the bishops of the Serbian Orthodox Church in the US published a bulletin article telling us that we shouldn’t swear.

    Good luck with THAT…


  2. Wanna hear/see swearing?

    Point out the cold hard facts to mussies what mo was really all about (using the koran as a guide) and watch the swearing start!

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