Bad News

 Helicopter Crash

31 American Troops Killed In NATO Helicopter Crash In Afghanistan

Back in May, Defense Secretary Gates said that releasing information about the OBL raid threatened the safety of Navy SEALs and their families, making them targets for terrorists.

Why did the Obama administration leak and name this Seal Team? Was it payback?

Who is taking revenge? The ISI? The Taliban claimed that they downed the helicopter with rocket fire while it was taking part in a raid on a house where insurgents were gathered in the province of Wardak late Friday. Who tipped them off? And who supplied the Taliban with state-of-the-art surface-to-air armaments? (Pamela Geller:  Questions the Media Won’t Ask, But Americans Must)


Abdallah won’t move

Hate-spewing 24/7 hot-dog vendor fighting with neighbors

Sounding like he knows a thing or two about bigotry, Abdalla, 60, ranted that his cart is opposed by “homosexuals,” “Jewish people,” ignorant bureaucrats, “rich people” and freebie-seeking doormen.


Famine Victims Killed After Government Troops Open Fire

 MOGADISHU, Somalia — A World Food Program handout of corn rations to Somalis trying to survive a famine turned deadly Friday after government troops opened fire, killing at least seven, witnesses said.

No Arab Spring in Bahrain

 The wankers of Strathclyde

Global  KRudd 

TENTATIVE plans are in the works for Australia to host a ministerial forum aimed at promoting greater interfaith and intercultural dialogue between Jews, Muslims and Christians.

KRudd, the Alchemist

“We would like to do more globally,” he told the gathering. “To begin this, Australia would like to host, or co-host with other key AoC states, a ministerial event in the coming year, promoting interfaith and intercultural activities – recognising the civilisational contributions of the great faiths of the world.”

Australian Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd recently aired the idea at a meeting with the Organisation of the Islamic Conference in Kazakhstan, and said Australia was in a good position to host the meeting given it is located in a region “dominated by the other great faiths of the world”. (Jewish News)

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  1. “dominated by the other great faiths of the world”
    Not to mention the 25% – 28% non-religious people, who no doubt are not being invited?

    How about the atheists promote a globall “your turn to get along with us” event?

  2. You mean the atheists that seem to ally themselves w/islamonazism?

    Or the maybe the atheists that slaughtered tens of millions in the USSR
    and Communist China?

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