Calling Irshad Manji: anybody home?

Where is the  Paki- Canadian-Uganda’an Lesbian Muslima who is “deeply rooted in her faith” when her sisters in Islam need her?

Modern, moderate Indonesia alert: (AFP)

Lesbians threatened with beheading, forced to live apart:

– Indonesian religious police  forced a lesbian couple to separate and placed them under surveillance, even though homosexuality is legal in the mainly Muslim country.

The Islamic police force unique to Aceh province, on the northern tip of Sumatra, warned the couple before they were forcibly separated that under Islamic law they could be beheaded.

‘We told them that they must be beheaded and burned and their ashes must be thrown away to the sea. We are actually allowed by our religion to kill them,’ South-west Aceh district religious police chief Muddatsir said.

Ms Ranto, 26, and Ms Nuraini, 18, now live in separate villages 36km apart, he said.

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  1. I’ll bet the islamobitch Irshad Manji isn’t supporting Lesbian Pisslam from within the confines of any islamonazi pigsty.

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