Egyptian Presidential Candidate on the jiziya: by no means is this charity. The dhimmies are paying the price for decades of colonialism. They are wealthy today because their forefathers robbed mine…

Strong words from a sewer rat:

Egyptian Presidential Candidate Hamdeen Sabahi: EU and US Aid to Egypt Is the Price They Are Paying for Decades of Colonialism

Peaceful Sufi Demands the Jiziya:

They are paying the price for decades of colonialism. They are wealthy today because their forefathers robbed mine. If not for my forefathers, there could be no modern civilization. This would have been impossible without the civilization led by the Arabs and the Muslims, at a time when Europeans did not even know how to bathe themselves. They did not even have toilets in their homes back then.(MEMRI has the story)

Hamdeen Sabahi also praised the removal of the Israeli flag from Israel’s Cairo embassy.

 Freedom & Democracy Watch:

Sultan Knish
What was billed as a pro-democracy movement has since become “a thesis that lays out on a grand scale the futility of trying to bring human rights and democracy to the Muslim world.”
Glenn Beck has got it right on the Middle East says… Barry Rubin.  The IDF finally retaliated against a Gaza rocket squad on Sunday afternoon – no word yet how many terrorists were incinerated. Instantly, Hamas  asked for a ‘cease fire.’ Of course, that means we cease and they fire. And they have continued to fire over the last couple of hours. In the meantime, the IDF is waiting for orders and is prepared for any scenario. (Israel Matzav)
Your taxpayer dollars finance terrorism:

Your tax dollars at work, in ways you never intended: “The US contributed over half a billion dollars ($560 million) from 2009-2010.”

Just what you needed to hear in the ongoing debt crisis. Arab donors, by comparison, threw in $7 million. “Do UNRWA schools encourage terror against Israel?” by Anav Silverman for the Jerusalem Post, August 22:

7 thoughts on “Egyptian Presidential Candidate on the jiziya: by no means is this charity. The dhimmies are paying the price for decades of colonialism. They are wealthy today because their forefathers robbed mine…”

  1. So typical of the uneducated and stupid islamic community – Europeans were washing themselves a long time before the arabs crawled out of the desert!!!

  2. we should keep out of the Islamic countries. Why does the west have to continually wage war with muslim countries.? we never invaded your countries but you invaded Palestine, Iraq . algeria, indonesia and much more. Just keep out of our countries please

  3. hahaha wow, talk about projection! Will the Muslim Arabs be paying back the black Africans for their thousand plus years of slavery, that still goes on today? How about all those non-Arab Muslims, and non-Muslims that have and are developing the Muslim countries while the Arab Muslims suck off the oil monies they do nothing to extract, etc from the ground? Muslims are masters of projection.

  4. jadabad, sounds good to me…you take your Muslims back from the free world, and we will take all oppressed and under-siege non-Muslims from your countries. That would be awesome. Then when oil is no longer a commodity and you have no non-Muslim slaves to do your work for you, you can have your Islamic paradises. (ha!) (of couse you will still have you Muslim southeast Asian slaves, so its all cool)
    Indonesia??…lol You know what Indonesia shows the world? That if Muslims have no non-muslims to persecute they go after other Muslim sects…have you killed off all the Ahmadis yet? Beat their dead naked bodies enough? Oh yeah…still a work in progress.
    Man, of man, how non-Muslims WISH you would stay out of our countries and we will have no probs staying out of yours…we can leave you to kill one another off then. We’ll watch.

  5. Hamdeen Sahabi “They did not even have toilets in their homes back then.” Here is the hadith that proves the wives of Muhammad(the founder of the Islamic ideology) used an open air field as their toilets.
    “Narrated ‘Aisha: The wives of the Prophet used to go to Al-Manasi, a vast open place (near Baqia at Medina) to answer the call of nature at night. ‘Umar used to say to the Prophet “Let your wives be veiled,” but Allah’s Apostle did not do so. One night Sauda bint Zam’a the wife of the Prophet went out at ‘Isha’ time and she was a tall lady. ‘Umar addressed her and said, “I have recognized you, O Sauda.” He said so, as he desired eagerly that the verses of Al-Hijab (the observing of veils by the Muslim women) may be revealed. So Allah revealed the verses of “Al-Hijab” (A complete body cover excluding the eyes). 
    Sahih Bukhari 1:4:148

  6. Don’t mention the open sewers in just about all countries that have been totally ruined by Islam. Don’t mention the squalor, the disease and the poverty!

    Don’t mention “improvident habits, slovenly systems of agriculture, sluggish methods of commerce, and insecurity of property exist wherever the followers of the Prophet rule or live.”

    Winston Churchill got it right.

    ” the influence of the religion paralyses the social development of those who follow it. No stronger retrograde force exists in the world. Far from being moribund, Mohammedanism is a militant and proselytizing faith. “

  7. @Stephanie Anderson:
    And then we put up the biggest ever Curtain for them to hide behind (Sura 33) to protect their innocence from us.

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