European Concerns Over Muslim Immigration Go Mainstream

I never thought I’d see the day.

“Scepticism about Muslim immigration is not limited to a ‘right-wing’ political fringe, as proponents of multiculturalism often assert.”

A new opinion survey shows that more than half of all Europeans believe there are too many immigrants Muslim invaders in their countries and that immigration is having a negative impact on their lives.

The findings – which come as Europeans are waking up to the consequences of decades of mass immigration from Muslim countries – point to a growing disconnect between European voters and their political masters regarding multicultural policies that encourage Muslim immigrants to remain segregated rather than become integrated into their host nations.

The survey results mirror the findings of dozens of other recent polls. Taken together, they provide ample empirical evidence that scepticism about Muslim immigration is not limited to a “right-wing” political fringe, as proponents of multiculturalism often assert. Mainstream voters across the entire political spectrum are now expressing concerns about the role of Islam in Europe.  (More from Hudson/New York)

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Allah’s Justice
Deden Sudjana, a member ofAhmadiyya, a minority Muslim sect that many conservative Muslims consider heretical, was found guilty by a district court in Banten Province on charges stemming from the attack in February. Judges said that he had refused police orders to leave the scene and that he had wounded one of the attackers.

9 thoughts on “European Concerns Over Muslim Immigration Go Mainstream”

  1. These bastards are throwing molotov cocktails at police and the police aren’t allowed to respod in kind with lead?
    That wouldn’t happen on my watch!

  2. There’s no peaceful, political solution to the totalitarian, supremacist ideology of islamonazism — as is amply demonstrated by recent as well as the more remote past history of Pisslam. The concept of the “moderate” muslime is a farce propagated by the very people trying to spread islamonazism.

  3. There are none so blind as those who will not see.

    Phyllis Chesler

    Op-Ed: Multiculturalism = Racism

    The civilizational war that Jean Raspail once envisioned in his brilliant, dystopian novel The Camp of the Saints is now fully underway. What Raspail once only imagined has come to pass. People of color from many formerly colonized countries have created “no go” zones all across Europe; ambulances and the police enter there at their own risk.

    The “youth,” the opportunistic criminal elements, the proto-jihadists (all of whom survive on the European dole), are torching cars, looting stores, battling the police.

    Even as I write, black Brits are killing Muslim Brits and rioting against the police. Muslim Brits are threatening to kill whatever and whoever.

    Have Europeans traditionally been racists? Yes, of course they have. Remember the Holocaust against the Jews. They learned no lessons.

    More recently, did European governments allow immigrants to stay because they were willing to do work Europeans refused to do? Yes they did.

    Are Europe’s “multicultural” policies—which allowed immigrants, up to the third generation, not to integrate, not to westernize—also really racist policies? Yes, of course they are.

    All you anti-racists: Now hear this. Multicultural relativism and multicultural policies have failed not because they are too indulgent but rather because they are essentially racist policies which have one standard for ethnic Europeans and another standard for immigrants of color.

    Are there immigrant, class, faith, and color issues that need to be resolved in Europe? Absolutely—but due to the nature of jihad-via-satellite and jihad-via-internet the violent rioters in England resemble the violent rioters in Gaza or on the West Bank, or the violent rioters all across the Arab world.

    The ski masks and keffiyas most resemble Arabs participants engaged in an “intifada,” or uprising. It does not matter if the European participant is an African-Caribbean-Brit or a south east Asian Brit. The model of nihilistic insurrection is Arab and “Palestinian” in style.

    Non-violent demonstrations (and there have been many in Europe, certainly in England), about college tuition, housing, and employment, do not look like this—although, ‘tis true, many European, allegedly pacifist political demonstrations have turned ugly in jihadist-like ways.

    These issues are not confined to Europe nor are they confined to European immigrants. The underlying, perhaps intractable problems are simmering and boiling in a new kind of “non-melting pot” stew in which all standards have been lowered, both by Western government employers, unions, educational institutions, and the media..

    The solution? In terms of Europe and the chosen Intifada template: The same world that allowed the Arab terrorists to practice their diabolical arts mainly on Israelis and Jews have now reaped the whirlwind.

    May God have mercy on us all.

  4. Cultural enrichment goodness, with all the trappings – (torture, beatings and other atrocities) before fleeing to Oz where they would be punished with the soft cushions and comfy chair:

    [THREE refugees who used credit card details skimmed in the UK to steal thousands from Australian banks have been sentenced.

    All three were handed jail terms, but a Victorian judge has suspended the prison terms for two of the Sri Lankan men, who survived torture, beatings and other atrocities before fleeing to Australia.]

  5. Many people who come as visitors to the Arab world have to respect the rules that exist in every country so why should the Western countries be more benevolent? In Canada, for example, we think of ourselves as being tolerant of multiculturalismbut it’s becoming more and more clear that a certain kind of assimilation is inevitable in today’s world.

  6. These folks are the front line of the tamil tigers, who are still actively building up another terror army. While the government of Sri Lanka has won the battle, the terrorists, who are NOT representative of the tamil people, are organising another go from their bases in London and elsewhere in the west.

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