Hamas Front CAIR: Stop Investigating Islamic Terrorists….

Hamas front CAIR hates it when  the CIA spies on subversive mosques and Muselmanic terrorists:
The far-left often join up with Islamic terrorists to agitate, pressure and litigate their causes against the government.  This activism is also increasing.
Probe sought on CIA role in Muslim ‘spying’“Rights group” calls for investigation into report US intelligence agency aided New York police in snooping on minorities.
Hamas calls for help from the “international community”
Arab Spring Turns Into Sharia Winter
The headbangers from the MB  have hijacked the popular uprisings there.   (no surprises here, don’t say I told you so!)
The New Libya: a Zebiba Emirate
What? Hamas not democratic?
Another Honor Killing (Yawn!)
  • Honor killing in Gaza– A (Musel-) man in the northern Gaza Strip fatally shot his daughter on Wednesday morning, police said.   Locals said the girl was shot inside the family home in Jabalia, adding that her father was recently released from prison in Gaza.