Harry's Marxist Muslims

The  sensitive  Leftists from the dhimmi blog Harry’s Place don’t like counter jihadists very much.

According to Muhammad, inventor of Islam, women are deficient in intelligence.  The Marxist antisemite Maryam Namazie, a dubious ex-muslim,  seems desperate to prove it and tries to smear Robert Spencer,  which, as you can imagine, backfires badly.

Since one Marxist seldom comes alone, a guy by the name of Adam Barnett pops up, who is not only truth-and fact  challenged, but equally, if not more deficient in his faculties.

As you can imagine, Spencer gives Adam a good thrashing. But, before you know it,  another Marxist -self-proclaimed ex- Muslim pops up to fling dirt at Spencer.

 Hassan Radwan of the Council of Ex-Muslims is probably the dimmest of the lot, but he is good  for a laugh. In his desperation he   displays some of the lunatic frenzy which is all too characteristic of Muslims when confronted with reason.

 Hassan Radwan’s response to Robert Spencer

I find it perverse that people like you want to convince everyone – including Muslims – that moderate forms of Islam are wrong and that the true version is the terrorists’ version and that Muslims that appear moderate are just practising “Taqiyyah”.   More on Hassan Radwan’s response 

Hassan’s drivel displays some serious Muselmanic mental baggage and Harry’s people would be well advised to lift their game, especially since their slogan proclaims “Liberty, if it means anything, is the right to tell people what they don’t want to hear”.

If only they’d stick to it!  Harry’s censors are usually very quick in removing stuff they don’t like to  hear. Anyhow, here is Hassan Radwan:

“We are only against the Islamists and harsh, literalist and violent interpretations of Islam and those who seek to impose it on others.”

You make me laugh, Hassan. You really do.

Are there any “interpretations” that differ from the “harsh, literalist and violent interpretations of Islam?”

And who authorized them?

“And those who seek to impose it on others.”

That includes 99.9 % of the true believers. If you don’t agree with it then you are an apostate, or a heretic.

According to Hassan, only Muslims can understand Islam:

“We were Muslims and we know about Islam and Muslims very well and have a much better understanding of the issues we face than you. “


Here you can read it all:

Marxist antisemitic “antijihadist” from One Law For All responds feebly to Spencer’s rebuttal of their false charges

The Leftist dhimmi blog Harry’s Place, which dabbles dilettanishly in counter-jihad poses while seldom missing an opportunity to denigrate and defame genuine counter-jihadists, has not surprisingly signed on to the Marxist antisemite Maryam Namazie’s One Law For All hit piece on me, Pamela Geller, SIOA and SIOE. Now they have published a response from one of Namazie’s accomplices, Adam Barnett, responding to my initial rebuttal to their attack piece, which Barnett cowrote. My initial response ishere.

The beginning of this “response,” “Adam Barnett’s response to Robert Spencer,” from Harry’s Place, August 16, is simply bizarre, suggesting that Barnett read in my rebuttal what he wanted to see there, rather than what I actually wrote: (read it here)

Well, here’s how it ends, for now:


Thanks for the reply. I’m curious about one thing. What do you mean by the words: “I know what you are” ?



You’re an apologist for a Marxist antisemite engaged in character assassination of those who actually resist the jihad you profess to oppose.

I don’t think there is any part of that statement that can reasonably be disputed in light of all the above.

Robert Spencer


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  1. Thanks for the link to the wikiIslam page. Ive distributed it to all the feminists I know. Although I doubt Ill get a response…

  2. “Liberty, if it means anything, is the right to tell people what they don’t want to hear”

    This slogan is ironic indeed. Not only do these delicate dhimmi souls remove dissenting comments pretty sharpish. They often don’t allow them to appear in the first place. They have now installed a pre-moderation system for anyone who appears to be guilty of incorrect thinking. The following message will appear when you try to type a comment:

    “Thanks for your comment! It has been placed in the moderation queue, and if it is approved it will be published here soon!”

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