More Ramadan Offerings From the Religion of Peace

 No Moe Hudna

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood Claims Eilat

“Eilat, or by its former name Umm Rashrash, belongs to the Palestinians-”  sez the MB.

Egypt’s 2011 revolution has brought a wave of radical anti-Israel sentiment to the country. Egypt has already sought to re-militarize the Sinai, ostensibly to to control the Bedouin, with Israeli approval and the masses are demanding Israel’s ambassador in Cairo be ejected from the country – a qualitative first step to the cessation of peaceful relations.

” If the deal is off — then the deal is off”- sez Pamela Geller.

What was the deal? A hudna?

You know what that means.

  • Bukhari:V7B67N427 “The Prophet said, ‘If I take an oath and later find something else better than that, then I do what is better and expiate my oath.'”
  • Qur’an 9:3 “Allah and His Messenger dissolve obligations.”
  • Qur’an 66:2 “Allah has already sanctioned for you the dissolution of your vows.”
  • Bukhari:V4B52N268 “Allah’s Apostle said, ‘War is deceit.'”

 Mysterious Truck Explosions

A pair of Adrian men (what kind of men?)  have been airlifted to the University of Michigan Hospital following an explosion in the truck they were driving Sunday afternoon in Columbia Township.

After the explosion two witnesses told police they saw the men run to a nearby corn field, throw items into it and return to the scene before police arrived.  Columbia Township police and fire, with the help of K-9 units, later recovered three round mortars — one 4 inches in length and two that were 3 inches — and a canister mortar in the field. (Source)

Que Malheur:

Blame Hollywood, Not Islam

Empire State Building in Dysentery Green:

NY’s Tallest (Remaining) Building to Shine Muslim Green…

Iconic Empire State Building Shines Green to Celebrate Eid-al-Fitr With Global Muslim Community….

Denmark Submits:

Big Day in Nigeria:

Nigeria U.N. office hit by massive bomb; 16 dead

Rescuers lower a United Nations worker wounded in a car-bomb attack at the U.N. Embassy in Abuja, Nigeria, Aug. 26, 2011.

They will straighten him out:

Pakistan: Jihadists kidnap son of governor murdered for opposing Islamic blasphemy law

African Space Program: Only the Engine is Missing!

Obama Regime Tells Pal-Terrorists Not to Worry About Aid
American officials are dismissing a top Palestinian leader’s claims on Friday that the U.S. warned it will take “punitive measures” and cutoff aid if the Palestinians move forward on their statehood bid.      Read more: (Politico)

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