No Compulsion in Religion, as Long as You 'Chose' Islam….

 No compulsion means ‘chose wisely’- because if you don’t chose Islam, they’ll kill you:

Malaysian Muslims Demand Anti-Apostasy Laws to Curb Defections from Islam…

Muslim spokesmen such as Salam al-Marayati, M. Cherif Bassiouni, and Ali Eterazassure us that Islam has no death penalty for apostasy, despite Muhammad’s words, “Whoever changed his Islamic religion, then kill him.” If al-Marayati, Bassiouni and Eteraz and others like them were sincere, they would be working to ensure that Malaysia enacts no anti-apostasy law.

“Malaysian Muslims decry Proselytizers,” by Joseph DeCaro for Worthy News, August 16 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):Malaysia: Misunderstanders of Islam demand law against apostasy

No Compulsion:

No compulsion:

No compulsion:

No compulsion

Muhammad said, “If anyone changes his religion, kill him.” All Susan Ithungu’s father did was torture her. He must be a moderate.

Seriously, however, evidently Beya Baluku, Susan’s father, belongs to the Hanafi school of Islamic jurisprudence (madhhab), which differs from its three Sunni counterparts in teaching that a female apostate should not be executed, but rather confined to a room and beaten until she returns to Islam (cf. Al-Siyar Al-Kabir, vol. 4, p. 162).

“Girl in Uganda Loses Use of Legs after Leaving Islam for Christ,” from Compass Direct News, August 11 via JW.

 No compulsion

Somali girl tortured, murdered by her family for leaving Islam …

 More Misunderstanders of Islam fail to realize what Islamic apologists in the West always tell us: that Islam has no death penalty for apostasy, and forbids honor killing.

“Somali Teenage Girl Shot to Death for Embracing Christ,” from Compass Direct News, December 3

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  1. A Death Fatwa on Norwegian Apostates?

    Below is a report from SIOTW about the appalling treatment of former Muslim converts to Christianity at an asylum-seekers’ center in Norway. The violence against these innocent people is not the only issue — that, after all, is the normal behavior one expects from Muslims toward apostates — but the indifference of the authorities:

    Christian converts from Islam flee in fear from Muslims at asylum reception center

    Muslims at the asylum center told him: “This is Jihad, holy war, and we are waiting for a fatwa (licence to kill) from the local imam at the mosque in Sandnes”

    “I had to escape and flee the asylum reception center in fear for my life,” “Arsland” tells the news paper Dagen.

    “Arsland” is from Afghanistan, converted to Christianity a while ago, and is now baptized as a Christian.
    Arsland is friends with “Ali”, the Christian convert from Islam who was attacked with boiling water and acid at the asylum reception center a few days ago. The young Afghan man is afraid to show his face and real name to reporters, because he knows the Muslims are out to get him.

    Hostile attitude

    “Another Christian friend of mine also noticed the hostile attitude of Muslims at the reception. ‘We must escape, for I fear that they will kill us,’ he said.

    “So I rode off at 1:30 Sunday morning, and went to the Bird Park at Nærbø. There, I tried to sleep on a bench while it was raining,” says “Arsland”. Sunday he was taken care of by Christian friends who live in that area.

    Over the weekend, “Ali” moved to another asylum-seeker reception center because of the lack of security at HÃ¥ reception center, while three other Christian converts from Afghanistan also fled HÃ¥ reception center, and are scattered in Jæren among Christian supporters.


    “Arsland” was an eyewitness to some of the harassment and violence “Ali” was exposed to last Tuesday.

    “I heard screaming and went out of the room to see what happened. I witnessed that ‘Ali’ fell to the floor after boiling water was poured over him. Muslims from Somalia turned loose on him and they shouted ‘This is jihad (holy war)’,” says “Arsland”.

    The Muslims involved ran quickly to their rooms when “Arsland” showed up. Together with another Afghan, “Arsland” lifted “Ali” carefully and carried him to his room.” Arsland” tried to warn police about what had happened, but without getting any response. A woman from the Lutheran Free Church was at the reception at the same time that this happened. She quickly called the police and they came after about half an hour. Later the ambulance arrived, and “Ali” was taken to hospital for treatment. He was back at the reception center on Wednesday.

    No response from the asylum center’s management

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