Overnight Jihad

They are such heroes!

After jihadists from Egypt kill Jews, Egyptian pulls down Star of David flag on Israeli embassy in Cairo before cheering throng

CNN’s Nick Robertson speaks with some of the “Freedom & Democracy seeking” Muslim protesters who are much more interested in the annihilation of the Jews…….

Egyptian becomes hero after removing Israeli flag from embassy

Ahmad A-Shahat says he ‘insisted on climbing on the roof and take down the flag of the Zionist entity because that was one of the goals of the revolution – to depose Mubarak and all his friends, among them the Zionist entity’ (source)

Rogue Behavior”

Flying Pigs For Sale:

 Hudna, hudna, hudna:

Hop’n’change in Pali-land


What were they doing in Turkey?

Who dunnit?

What took him so long to figure that out?