Ramadan Offerings

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Malaysia sucks:

Binnie is dead, get over it:

Cultural Enrichment UK:

Mohammedan Love is a Killer

The X-rated paradise of Islam

  • Allah the Pimp?  A creepy cleric explains what awaits faithful Muslim males in paradise.

Islam in America

Indonesia: all our streets are Islamic

No Christian food aid for Christians:
Truce? What Truce?
UK: Prison Walls Too High
There may well  be pressure on Fattal and Bauer to convert to Islam to improve their chances of Ramadan clemency.
American hikers Shane Bauer, left, and Josh Fattal, center, and their translator attend the first session of their trial at the revolutionary court in Tehran February 6, 2011.

Two American hikers held in Iran since 2009 have each been sentenced to eight years in prison for spying, the state television station reported Saturday.   Lebanese outlet the Daily Star

As the propagation of non-Islamic faiths is forbidden under Islamic law, missionary work is banned. But that won’t stop the mullahs from being paranoid about it, and taking the opportunity to remind the unbelievers of their place in the Islamic Republic of Iran. “Iran Seizes 6,500 Bibles to Stop ‘Deceiving’ Christian Missionaries,” by Fionna Agomuoh for the Christian Post, August 17:

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  1. “The X-rated paradise of Islam”
    Interesting the way the Kiddie Fucker, Slave Trader and Rapist par excellence and shirt lifter, mohammed, and his Beast Master, the thing Muslims call allah, offers Earthly perversions as Heavenly rewards, in exchange for the lowest of the low’s unbridled vile and gross acts of savagery, Paedophilia and slaughter known to mankind.

    No wonder “The Religion of Peace” is so loved, protected and promoted by the United Nations and International Socialism and many other enemies of the people.

    Islam, the United Nations and the Progressives, Rabid Pit Bull at large, with a license to kill any and all who dare stand in it’s way.

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