Sick, just sick

Hicks, aka Mahmud Dawood, darling of the glitterati:

 Premier considers giving an al Qaeda trainee a $15,000 prize

Andrew Bolt – Tuesday, August 23

On a day when Australia loses its 29th young soldier at the hands of the Taliban, we hear that our very own turbaned freedom fighter, David Hicks, has been shortlisted for the Queensland Premier’s Literary Awards.

How do you think the Premier responded? “Take his name off the list or take my name off the awards”? Not quite.

Anna Bligh: I think it’s important that we not get in the way of that”.

If Hicks wins, he gets a $15,000 prize. That’s money taken from the taxpayers that the al Qaeda terrorists who trained Hicks wanted to kill.

These leftarded loons are endangering us all. 

Like this asshole from the Times:

The left’s flagship The New York Pravda’s opinion declares that soldiers aren’t “heroes”, “warriors” or “brave”, and that it’s all just a “cult of the uniform”

Times writer William Deresiewicz disparages having support for the troops as the “cult of the uniform” and criticizes the use of the word “hero” to describe American Troops:  (Fox Nation via eye)

Other news from Downunder:

Bobby Brown, Global Loon

The issue has been on the books for a couple of centuries – it is going to get steam as we become a global community and have to find a means for sorting out our global destiny... Why should Australia not be at the centre of what is inevitably going to be a global parliamentary governance down the line  if we human beings are going to live with each other on this marvellous planet of ours as we go on our joy ride of the future? Of course we are going to have make consensus decisions….   MTR today, August 22

Watch Brown for yourself